Archbishop Aquila to Say Mass for Denver Broncos

archbishop aquilaArchbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, a long-time fan of the Denver Broncos, is planning to fly into New Jersey this weekend to celebrate Mass for his favorite team on the night before the team battles the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The National Catholic Register is reporting that the Mass will be celebrated in the Bronco’s hotel in Jersey City, New Jersey and is open to members of both the Bronco’s and the Seattle Seahawks.

“I have been edified by the example of many NFL athletes and coaches and their families who make the effort throughout the football season to attend Sunday Mass,” Archbishop Aquila said in a statement issued to the Register. “I enjoy sports, and I’m a longtime Broncos fan from when I went to school at CU [University of Colorado] Boulder. Even when I was bishop of Fargo, I followed and rooted for the Broncos.”

Broncos’ defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio broke the news about the Archbishop’s trip to New Jersey during media interviews on Tuesday morning when he announced that he and his wife had invited Archbishop Aquila to say Mass for the team and that Aquila had accepted.

Dan Petty of the Denver Post quickly tweeted the news to the world-wide sports audience: “#Broncos (Defensive Coordinator) Jack Del Rio says Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila will say Mass for Catholic Broncos players in N.J.”

Among the Catholics on the Broncos team is wide receiver Eric Decker, defensive line coach Jay Rodgers and owner Pat Bowlen.

Catholics on the Seattle Seahawks team include tight end Luke Wilson, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and general manager John Schneider.

“I am sure many people are wondering what I will say to the Broncos in my homily, but all I can say is that the Holy Spirit will guide me as he wishes,” Archbishop Aquila said. “What I do know is, that during the game, I will be cheering for a Broncos victory.”

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