Vatican Confronts Gay Lobby Accusations

vatican in morningIn response to repeated claims by Swiss guards that a “gay lobby” exists in the Vatican, deputy Secretary of State Archbishop Angelo Becciu went on the record to request that the accusers provide the names of those who are involved in the lobby.

Zenit is reporting on an interview Archbishop Becciu gave to the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, about accusations made by retired Swiss Guard Commander Elmar Mader that a gay network exists in the Roman curia and that it poses a risk to the Holy Father.

“As a former Swiss Guard, Mäder knows well that rumors, accusations […] must always be substantiated and proven,” Archbishop Becciu said.

“When he was in service, did he have any suspects? Are these suspects still present? […] Okay then, come here and tell us exactly to whom it relates. We are willing to listen and take note. Pope Francis wants first of all clarity and truth, and so do all of us.”

The Archbishop was responding to an interview Mader had with a Swiss newspaper in which he said that he could not refute the claim that there is a homosexual network in the Holy See.

“My experience speaks for the existence of such [a network],” he said, adding that an environment like the Vatican, which is full of unmarried men, “is by itself a magnet for homosexuals, whether they seek it consciously or are unconsciously following an urge.”

Mader claimed that his concern was about a tendency among homosexuals to be loyal to each other rather than to other persons or institutions, which is why he could never tolerate the existence of such a network “within my decision-making area,” he said.

Archbishop Becciu warned of the possibility of causing scandal within the Church by making public accusations before investigations into the matter can be conducted.

He also commented on media distortions of Pope Francis’ statements about not judging homosexuals which many took as an endorsement of same-sex marriage.

Forcing his words in such a way “hurts him deeply,” the Archbishop said, adding that Francis “is a son of the Church and faithful to its doctrine, as he himself has said.”

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