Surge in Use of Intuitive Counselors

A growing acceptance of alternative treatments is leading more and more people in need of mental health care to seek out psychologists and counselors with psychic abilities who claim their “gifts” enhance their ability to help people.

The Daily Mail is reporting on an upsurge in the use of so-called ” intuitive counselors” in Britain, bringing the country more in line with the U.S. where these practitioners are already in demand by the rich and famous.

These so called “intuitive therapists” are essentially a rebranding of the age-old psychic who appears to be making a comeback during these uncertain economic times. This new breed of psychic is educated, tech-savvy and prefers to use their “sixth sense” to give practical advice and personality analysis rather than for fortune telling (although they’ll do that too, if you like).

Intuitive therapists are being sought for everything from treating depression to infertility.

For example, an American psychic named Laura Day is making millions consulting with Wall Street execs and actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman.

According to Forbes, Day is a little bit of everything from a psychic, to an intuitive and a business consultant. Ever since childhood she has been able to see things, feel things and make uncanny predictions.

“She was unfiltered as a child, not adhering to polite social norms, and would do unpopular things like call out adults who were cheating on their spouses,” Forbes writes. “She didn’t realize for the longest time that others didn’t see the world as she did.”

She believes her psychic abilities originated in severe childhood trauma. Her mother first attempted suicide when she was 11 years old and succeeded when she was 14. In addition, two of her siblings and an uncle also committed suicide. In her mind, the trauma she sustained from these tragedies is how she developed her intuition, which she calls her “super power.”

Sadly, anyone experienced in deliverance work will recognize this trauma not as a “super-power” but as a probable entry-way for demons who typically gain access into a person’s life when they are in a weakened and vulnerable state. Traumatized children are frequent victims of these kinds of attacks. 

Another example is Susan Kennard, one of the intuitives featured in the Daily Mail article, who has several clinics and claims people come to see her for a variety of reasons that don’t include fortune telling.

“People want to explore who they are much more,” Kennard told the Mail. “I work with people in the corporate world who want to know if they’re good enough, doctors who want to understand more about the soul, women who are struggling to get pregnant, people with cancer, or who are struggling with weight issues and smoking or phobias. I think there’s more acceptance now that we’re not just mind and body — we are spirit, too.”

Kennard says she may have “visions” about a client’s future, but she doesn’t like to tell them straight out because it takes away their power to act. Instead, she uses the information to give the client a recommendation such as “I feel it might be helpful for you to think about this . . .”

That these counselor/psychics might give out the wrong information and cause harm is a very real possibility if they misinform people about their medical condition. Chris Fisher, professor of psychology at Goldsmiths, University Of London, and a leading expert in this field, told the Mail that people are drawn to psychics during uncertain times such as these and often do make people feel better about things, which might be a good thing in itself. 

“I’m not saying these people are deliberate con artists — most of them are fooling themselves as much as anyone else. But we do know that when we’ve tested psychics under properly controlled conditions, they can’t do what they say they can do.”

The spiritual dangers of dealing with psychics – no matter what they call themselves – are even more serious. Because the Lord has specifically condemned those who “consult spirits”, soothsayers, fortune tellers and diviners, etc. (Deut. 18:10-12), we can be sure that He will never be the source of the messages psychics receive. Thus, it follows that if He condemns this practice, He will not allow His angels to participate, nor give permission to disembodied souls to do so either. This leaves only Satan as the being responsible for whatever “messages” and predictions are made by a psychic.

The bottom line is that intuitive therapists are definitely offering something “extra” to their clientele – but it’s definitely not a better deal.

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