Saudis Buy Bottles of Christian Blood for $100K

A courageous German nun recently gave a riveting presentation in which she revealed the grisly details of the independent investigation she did of the treatment of Christians in Syria, including the bottling of their blood for sale.

The website of Walid Shoebat, former Muslim Brotherhood member turned peace activist, is providing the video of the unnamed nun who says Muslims are butchering Christians in Syria, draining their blood, then selling the bottles for $100,000 to the Saudis. Apparently, some Muslims believe if they wash their hands in this blood, it is as if they had participated in the slaughter of the Christian, and can then use it to atone for their sins.

But this is just the beginning of the story.

The nun went on to relate the experience of a woman from Aleppo, Syria and her nine year-old daughter who were raped by extremists in front of her husband.

In another case, a Christian woman from Damascus was forced to watch as her entire family of six was slaughtered before her eyes.

The nun also showed photographs of the wounds on a Christian man who was kidnapped along with his brother in northern Syria. Their captors cut pockets into their flesh and filled them with salt. The man survived but his brother did not.

A girl and her sister were kidnapped and kept in a room for a month where they were repeatedly raped and had their left breasts cut off. The nun told about numerous other instances where young Christian women were captured, raped and their bodies mutilated.

In a section of the video that was too horrifying to watch, a Christian man was decapitated and the film of his death sent to his sister. Surprisingly, one of the killers in the film, a man with severe psychological problems, later converted to Christianity.

The persecution of Christians around the world has reached epic proportions, with the Vatican estimating that 100,000 a year give their life for the faith. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reports that Christians suffer persecution, discrimination, and harassment in 133 countries—which is two-thirds of all countries worldwide.

In just the last few months, we saw 85 Catholics slaughtered in their pews at All Saints church in Pakistan. A few weeks later, 45 Christians, including women and children, were tortured and murdered when U.S. backed Islamic rebels invaded the Syrian town of Sadad. The rebels later posted YouTube videos of the massacre. Eighteen more lost their lives on Christmas Day in Baghdad.

The list goes on and on, and yet the plight of Christians around the world is barely mentioned on the news.

As this blogger laments at Christianity Today, “These stories get reported in Christian media here and there, or maybe listed in a roundup of international news. They don’t get written up viral blog posts. They don’t fuel tweets and retweets. They don’t get mentioned over and over again in Sunday sermons. They don’t earn Christian leaders a commentary spot on the cable news.

“We’re incensed when a millionaire is suspended from a reality television shows for expressing his faith in a coarse manner. We march out in support of a multi-million dollar business when the CEO comes under fire for expressing his views on traditional marriage. But we turn our heads and avert our eyes when the blood of the martyrs, our fellow Christians, cry out to us from the ground.”

Let us never stop praying for our persecuted Church and asking the Lord to give us all the strength to endure our martydom -whether it be red or white – so that we may remain faithful to Him until the end!

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