Outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Terrorist Camp

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

At least 40 members of an al-Qaeda training camp in North Africa have died from an outbreak of bubonic plague in their camp.

According to a report by the London Sun, the outbreak began in the cave hideouts of insurgents outside the capital of Algiers. The group, led by wanted terror boss Abdelmalek Droudkal, was forced to turn its shelters into mass graves and flee. Local officials discovered the problem security forces found a body along the road leading to the camp.

Al-Qaeda chiefs are now fearing the plague may have been passed on to other terror cells or to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

“This is the deadliest weapon yet in the war against terror,” said one security official. “Most of the terrorists do not have the basic medical supplies needed to treat the disease. It spreads quickly and kills within hours. This will be really worrying al-Qaeda.”

Al-Qaeda leaders are also worried that infected fighters may surrender themselves in order to avoid a horrible death.

The same disease that devastated Europe during the Middle Ages, the plague or “Black Death” comes in several forms. Bubonic Plague, spread by bites from infected rat fleas, include symptoms such as boils in the groin, neck and armpits. In Pneumonic Plague, airborn bacteria spread like the flu. The plague can be in the body for more than a week before symptoms begin to appear, making it easy to spread.

The insurgents in the North African camp were followers of Osame bin Laden and left to join cells in other areas, leaving officials worrying about whether or not they are carrying the deadly plague with them.

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