Magic Tree House and Yoga in Schools

This letter from one of our blog readers is a sad testimony about the infiltration of New Age and pagan religions into our schools. While all semblance of Christianity has been ordered out of the classroom out of respect for a contrived notion of “separation of church and state,” there seems to be no qualms about introducing children to occult fiction and Hindu spirituality. Thankfully, parents like JM, who make a fuss about it, really can make a difference!

JM writes: “Today, I stumbled upon your response to my question about “The Magic Tree House” book series. Yesterday, my 2nd grade daughter advised that the teacher has been reading a “Magic Tree House” chapter book to them in class and since she enjoyed it so much, she finishes her classwork early so she can read another book from the collection.  She was excited to add that she is already on chapter 5.  Spears are coming from all angles!

“Last week, this same teacher, on the account of hot weather, had the class do PE in the classroom.  PE for that day – was watching a beginners yoga video, where the children had to copy.  My daughter came home almost in tears for she said her spine was hurting so much.  A sleepless night also followed, including a wet bed.  She wanted to tell the teacher that she mustn’t do yoga, for she had heard me speak of it, thanks to your warnings though she didn’t know how to defend her request and therefore fear came over her where she felt that she had no choice.  This yoga introduction to the 2nd grade class took both of us by surprise. 

“I didn’t waste much time in contacting the teacher concerned, and after a brief explanation of the dangers, the teacher advised she would make sure it doesn’t happen again.  She described the ‘yoga for beginners’ as identical to stretching exercises they were already doing for PE outdoors.”

I was concerned about the teacher’s response. Yoga exercises are not “identical” to other stretching exercises. It raised the question in my mind about whether or not these children are being introduced to yoga without their knowledge during regular PE classes (if so, parents should raise the roof about it). Assuming this is not the case, if the teacher thought the exercises were the same as PE class,  then what was her reason for introducing them to yoga in the first place?   

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the myriad of problems being caused by the attempted introduction of yoga into schools, you may want to visit the following website which contains dozens of links to news articles on this subject from around the world.

Our Learn to Discern series contains a booklet on yoga that was designed for use in evangelizing teachers/friends/family who think yoga is “just exercise.” For more information, click on the “New Age Resources” button on the navigation bar above.

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