Arrests Made in “Vampire” Stabbing

Anyone who thinks there’s no harm in the proliferation of occult-fiction may want to read the following news item posted on our Breaking News site earlier today.

Two members of a vampire cult have been arrested by police in Chandler, Arizona after stabbing a friend who refused to allow them to suck his blood. is reporting that 24-year-old Aaron Homer and 21-year-old Amanda Williamson have been arrested in connection with stabbing 25 year-old Robert Maley in the arm after he refused to allow the couple to suck his blood.

The incident occurred last week while firefighters were treating someone next door in the same apartment building. They heard a loud bang followed by the sight of Maley running out of the apartment with blood streaming from his arm.

Police were called to the scene where they found Homer and Williamson still in the apartment, which was by then covered in blood.

There was also “a trail of blood leaving the apartment,” the police report says.

Apparently, Maley had allowed the couple to suck his blood once before, and they became enraged when he refused to allow it again. “He had allowed them to suck his blood one time, but did not want them to suck his blood any more and when he told (Homer) that, (Homer) became very angry and stabbed him,” the police report says.

When confronted by police, however, the two told conflicting stories. Williamson claimed that she stabbed Maley in self-defense because he attacked her while Homer told various versions of what took place, and accused Maley of making fun of their religious beliefs.

As a result, Williamson was arrested on charges of false reporting, Homer was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, and Maley was arrested on an outstanding probation violation warrant, police said. He was also treated for the wound, which required several stitches.

Authorities have expressed their concern about the recent rise in popularity of vampire-themed movies such as the hit television show True Blood and the blockbuster Twilight films, which has spawned a dangerous blood-sucking and biting trend among teens.

Sgt. Joe Favazzo of the Chandler Police Department said, “these people…practice paganism and vampirism and follow the vampire cult.” 

He added:  “We have young people that are very impressionable that are following . . . this vampire culture  . . . and they’re going to get infections, it’s dangerous.”

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