God is Always Speaking to Us

I have come to believe that God is always about the business of revealing His will to us. He is always speaking to us. All we need do is have ears to hear. Today, He spoke through our radio broadcast.

During the first break of our Women of Grace Live show today, I dashed to get the book I have been reading. It is the autobiography of Saint Teresa of Avila entitled, The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila by Herself.”  It has been many years since I first read this work and it was time to visit it again.

I wanted to share with the listners a couple of quotes from the book that I found particulary meaningful and had forgotten to bring it into the room with me.

I never made it beyond the first quote I shared: “For now I know from plentiful experience that if I resolutely persist in a purpose from the beginning, and it is done for God’s sake only, His Majesty rewards me even in this life in ways which only one who has known their joys can understand. In such cases, even before we begin, it is His will that the soul, for the increase of its merits, shall be afraid. Then the greater the fear, the greater and the sweeter the subsequent reward will be if we succeed. This I know from experience, as I have said, on many very serious occasions; and so if  ever I were to be asked for an opinion, I would recommend anyone to whom a good inspiration repeatedly comes, never to neglect it out of fear. If he turns nakedly to God alone, he need not be afraid of failure, since God is all-powerful. May He be blessed for ever! Amen.”

I particularly stressed the words, I would recommend to anyone to whom a good inspiration repeatedly comes, never to neglect it out of fear. If he turns nakedly to God alone, he need not be afraid of failure, since God is all-powerful. ”

These words are important because they help us avert one of Satan’s greatest tactics. One of the chief ways he prevents us from moving forward in a work to which God calls us is by inciting fear into our hearts. Often, this fear is a fear of failure. Through these words Saint Teresa reminds us that we cannot fail if God has called us to a task because He is all-powerful. We need only rely on Him and Him alone.

Earlier in the quote, Saint Teresa explains that it is God’s will that the soul experiences fear because the soul, if it persists in spite of the fear,  will merit even greater grace.  This, in itself, is great success. Here, Saint Teresa reveals a great truth. Satan can only function with the permission of God, and God uses even his temptations, provokations and attempts to bring greater grace and spiritual benefit to us.

 Within minutes our call lines lit up. One of the callers was Amy from Orange County, California. She was certain that the Holy Spirit had prompted her to listen to the program today. A homeschooling mom to one of her children, she had been considering homeschooling one of her other children as well. However, her greatest fear was the fear of failing. Just days before, she had heard Our Lord tell her in her heart not to be afraid, that He was guiding her and, therefore, she would not fail. Our broadcast confirmed this word for her and helped her commit to take on the challenge to which God was beckoning her.
Later in the day, I received an email from a woman who was listening to the broadcast at work. She asked for the title of the book from which I read saying that it was clear she needed to get a copy of it. God had also spoken to her through the words of Saint Teresa.
God is always speaking to us. He talks to us through prayer, through Sacred Scripture, through the printed word, through the lives of the saints, and through each other. He speaks to us through television programs, radio programs, and other forms of electronic communications. 
Our God is a God of revelation, and even now He is revealing Himself to us. Do we hear Him?  Are we willing to say “yes” to Him? Let’s place all of our trust in His power and might. God alone will see us through.


4 Response to “God is Always Speaking to Us

  1. I have been trying to discern whether, as a single person I should adopt the three foster care children I have been taking care of…one is quite a handful..full of anger…and I am AFRAID!!..This was interesting…I always ask for Big signs because I am quite unsure of myself when trying to discern…

  2. Dear Marie,
    First, I would like to congratulate you on your generosity of heart. To become mother to three foster children, and to do this as a single parent is quite magnanimous.

    I would ask that you pray and carefully discern, most ideally with a spiritual director and/or advisor, about your desire to potentially adopt these children. It may indeed be a vocation to which God is calling you but, as is the case with any vocation, it requires prayer, deliberation, and prudential judgment. A spiritual director, as well as others who are experts in the challenges of such adoptions, can be of great value to you.

    Secondly, you state that you are “afraid.” Of what are you afraid? Can you name it? Is it the challenge of the commitment or is it the challenge of the angry child you mention. If the latter, what about that anger — is it so volatile that you fear for your safety and the safety of the other children? These are important questions to ask and their answers are important issues to face and resolve.

    May God bless you as you go through this process of discernment. May you be open, receptive, and docile to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


  3. Dear Johnette,
    I was on the Leadership weekend this past weekend and you mentioned looking at this blog on failing forward.

    I am so surprised, and yet not-God is so good, to see the quote from St. Therese. Just weeks ago I wrote this quote out in my journal. I have been reading her autobiography and that had just jumped out at me.

    I had been praying about how to proceed with Women of Grace,since I got the entire kit at Magnificat where you spoke. I felt I should just keep proceeding and not be afraid to keep going forward, especially to attend the Leadership conference, because of that quote.

    The leadership weekend was so wonderful for me. I just want to thank you for all that you do. You have been an inspiration to me for many years as I have watched and listened to you on radio and TV.

    As I shared with you in Akron. I had met you at a women’s conference in Stuebenville when I was new to the Catholic Church. I have watched you and Mother Angelica since that time and you have both been a very large part of my growth as a Catholic.

    You did a show on ADD a long while back. I ordered the tapes and the book on ADD and it led to the diagnosis of my youngest son. It has changed his life.

    I have shared this information on ADD with several people and seen such fruit.

    I am sure there are many people who watch and listen to you who feel like they know you personally. I know I do. I feel like you are a dear friend who has really helped me through many trials.

    God Bless you. I am sure I will be seeing you. And I am starting my first Women of Grace study this Sept. I’ll let you know the fruits.

    IN Jesus through Mary,
    Treva Dillick