Another Victim of Fifty Shades of Grey Violence

A Swedish man will stand trial for the murder of his 28 year-old girlfriend who allegedly died as a result of the kind of brutal sado-masochistic sex games glorified in the runaway bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the 31 year-old Swede bound his girlfriend with nylon tights and condoms before hitting her 123 times with a wooden blackboard pointer. The man claims she was a willing “sex slave” in their games, which ended with her death in October of last year.

Apparently, the man became alarmed when he noticed his girlfriend was no longer breathing and called for an ambulance. She was treated at a hospital for two days before life support machines were switched off.

Doctors said the woman sustained extensive brain damage as a result of her airways being restricted.

Local prosecutor Asa Jonsson said the woman died as a result of having her mouth stuffed with something.  “It is our belief he is directly responsible for her death,” she said.

The man’s trial for manslaughter gets underway next week.

Sadly, this is not the first time that a young woman’s life was ended prematurely as a result of the kind of sado-masochistic sex craze ignited by the Fifty Shades of Grey books. The body of 22 year-old Brittany Killgore was found dumped along a rural road in Washington state last April after being killed by a couple who enjoyed sado-masochistic sex. Marine Staff Sergeant Louis Perez, 46, who referred to himself as “Lord and Master, Dom and Daddy”, brought Killgore to the “sex dungeon” he kept in the home he shared with two other women. Police believe her resistance is what led to her death.

But death isn’t the only abuse being endured by women as a result of this craze. An abuse center in the UK launched a “Fifty Shades of Abuse” campaign to draw attention to the kind of suffering women are enduring at the hands of men who use the new sex-slave trend as an excuse to torment women.

Clare Phillipson, director of Wearside Women in Need, told the Guardian she was waiting for a feminist to denounce the “misogynistic crap” contained in the books, but when no one did so, she came forward herself.

People should take a second look at the book and see it for what it truly is, she suggests.

“It really is about a domestic violence perpetrator, taking someone who is less powerful, inexperienced, not entirely confident about the area of life she is being led into, and then spinning her a yarn. Then he starts doing absolutely horrific sexual things to her … He gradually moves her boundaries, normalizing the violence against her. It’s the whole mythology that women want to be hurt.”

Even worse is the impact this book will have on young women. “There will be a whole generation of young women hearing the women around them say: ‘What a great book’ [a generation] of 13- and 14-year-olds picking it up and thinking ‘This is all right’.”

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