Catholic Vote Goes to Obama

In spite of the blatant attacks on the Catholic Church by the Obama Administration, exit polls found that a majority of Catholic voters opted to re-elect President Barack Obama on Tuesday. is reporting that according to exit polling, 25 percent of the electorate consisted of Catholics who voted 50-48 to re-elect the president. The findings are similar to a final Gallup poll which showed Catholics favoring Obama 52-45.

Exit polling also showed that frequent church attendees were more likely to vote for Gov. Romney.

“That makes it appear Catholic Church leaders need to do more to engage nominal Catholics who do not attend religious services frequently and may be less disposed to the pro-life views and teachings of the Church,” writes LifeNews’ Steve Ertelt.

Catholic advocate Deal Hudson saw progress in the fact that Obama’s percentage among Catholic voters was down almost five points from 2008.

“We needed a bigger shift of Catholic voters,” Hudson said. “We do not yet have the breakdown of religiously-active Catholic voters, but you can be sure it was close to 60 percent for Romney.”

What held down the shift needed? “In our view, it is the growing influence of the Latino Catholic voter. Latinos represented 10 percent of the vote this year and went 69 percent for Obama, 30 percent for Romney,” he added. “We also could have used louder voices among our clergy and our bishops — fewer alphabetical voter guides and more insistence on the civilizational issues at stake.”

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