House of God’s Light Prayer Groups

MF writes: “What is your opinion of the ecumenical prayer group, House of God’s Light, affiliated with the Catholic ministry Heart of the Father? They pray in a Presbyterian Church and are involved with using a deliverance ministry. They appear to be part of the Charismatic renewal. Can’t some ecumenical activities lead to a mindset of moral relativism? If all churches are equal, who has the truth? Also, if some of the involved churches promote abortion and gay rights, isn’t there the risk of giving aid and comfort to the enemy? (We are in a culture war, especially in the area of pro-life.)”

MF brings up some good points.

First of all, House of God’s light and Heart of the Father is the ministry of Catholic author, Neal Lozano. He is the author of Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance from Evil Spirits, and Resisting the Devil: A Catholic Perspective on Deliverance. (The latter has a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur from Bishop John D’Arcy of South Bend.)

Neal is a friend of our ministry and our own Fr. Edmund Sylvia, who serves as theological advisor for Women of Grace, gives him an enthusiastic “thumbs up.”

As far as ecumenical prayer groups are concerned, whether it be Neal’s or anyone else’s, unless a Catholic is well-versed in the faith and feels confident in their knowledge of the major differences between Catholicism and other religions, they should stick to Catholic groups.

Otherwise, yes, one does run the risk of being drawn into a mindset of moral relativism.

This might be a good time to bone up on Church teaching regarding ecumenism, and to understand that it doesn’t mean we’re allowed to “mix-and-match” religions. The point of Catholic ecumenism is to bring all of our separated Christian brethren back into our Church!

For more information, read the Vatican II document Unitatis Redintegratio and the apostolic letter Ut Unum Sint by Pope John Paul II.  Ecumenism in the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II takes a very thorough look at the ecumenical work of Pope John Paul II.


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