The Slippery Slope: Polyamory Makes Inroads

First came the same-sex couples, and now the “swingers” – also known as polyamorists – are beginning to demand the same “equality” and “tolerance.”

Kirsten Anderson, writing for LifeSiteNews, reports on a growing number of advocacy and social networking organizations that promote polyamorists – a more clinical-sounding name for “swingers” – who would like to be treated with the same “equality” and “tolerance” that same-sex couples are now enjoying.

“Polyamorists maintain more than one sexual relationship at a time, with the full consent and knowledge of all partners,” Anderson explains.

“Some are married to one partner but maintain a rotating stable of lovers. Others join together in more lasting unions between multiple partners – for example, a threesome or foursome (which they call ‘triads’ and ‘quads,’) wherein all parties enjoy sexual relations in various combinations – heterosexual, homosexual or both.”

She documents the polyamorist population in and around Minneapolis and cites two recent articles extolling the polyamorist lifestyle in the City Pages.

One article was about a woman and mother of two young children who had been married to her husband Jim for 12 years. The two decided to “open [their] marriage up” three years ago. She met another man and became sexually involved with him, often allowing him to stay overnight at their home. At first, they told their children he just came for breakfast, but after awhile, they gave up the charade and just told them the truth.

Another practitioner of polyamory, a 31 year-old woman who wouldn’t give her real name, said she got the idea back in college while watching an MTV True Life special about it. This was followed by the hit TLC show, Big Love, which “got me thinking about my own life” and how she wanted to live that way.

Minneapolis-St. Paul has a very active polyamorist population with the paper describing its coverage as “the metro community that believes love is too big for just two.”

For those of us who fear the normalization of same-sex marriage will lead to the mainstreaming of other alternative lifestyles such as polyamory and polygamy, Anderson’s article confirms that this is precisely what’s happening.

“Same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates have been adamant in their denial that a redefinition of marriage to include homosexual couples could lead to a ‘slippery slope’ of legalized polygamy or even bestiality,” Anderson writes.

“Polyamorists, however, appear to disagree. Those interviewed by the City Pages drew direct parallels between themselves and homosexuals, believing that their relationships are no less valid.”

In fact, the City Pages published an article several years ago minimizing the arguments of “right-wing groups” who said same-sex marriage would lead to polyamory. They discounted these fears, claiming that “polyamory doesn’t exist.” A member of the Minnesota Polyamourous Network named Carrie was so upset about the piece, claiming it made them feel like they were being marginalized, that she organized a letter-writing campaign to make the community more aware of them.

“It’s a lot different now that we have organized groups,” Carrie said, “and I think because people have become so much more accepting of the GLBT community and other types of relationships, I think our group and our community is going to continue to grow.”

She went on to predict: “I think that we are the next equal rights movement and that poly is going to continue to become increasingly accepted in the future.”

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