Christian Voter Guide Hits Key Battleground States

Almost 17 million social conservatives are in the process of receiving a voter’s guide that clearly lays out the dramatic difference between President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney on both fiscal and social issues.

According to CBN, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition has begun dropping their presidential voter guide into key battleground states. The guide is being delivered by mail, email, text message, to churches and door-to-door. The guide also comes with a bar code people can scan with their smart phones that will play a video outlining the candidate’s positions on various issues.

The guide compares the president’s views on everything from Medicare and a balanced budget amendment to the defense of marriage act, abortion, and same sex marriage.

“To give you an idea of just how massive an effort this is, the Faith and Freedom Coalition will mail about two million voter guides in some of the key battleground states,” writes CBN’s David Brody. “When Ralph Reed was with the Christian Coalition in the 1990’s, they might send out 200,000 pieces of mail in each state.”

Reed told him the current mailing effort is the equivalent of the“difference between a Model T and a Ferrari.”

Reed’s organization also has the cell phone numbers of 13 million social conservative voters, besting Obama’s 2008 campaign that boasted of having seven million.

“Not too shabby at all. The Faith and Freedom Coalition is locked and loaded, as they get ready to mobilize Teavangelical [Christian tea partiers] voters across the country. The question is will the Romney campaign do their part and have a strong ground game.”

According to the Romney campaign, their turn-out effort is historic. In this interview with the New York Times, Rick Wiley, political director of the Republican National Committee, said the organizational advantage the president had in 2008 has evaporated.

“We will pass our 30 millionth voter contact some time early this week,” said Wiley. “That’s more than the entire cycle in 2004 or 2008. You are seeing these huge numbers being posted by these volunteers out there.”

With the election only six weeks away, it’s crunch time and the wheels of both political campaigns are now in over-drive.

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