When Media Bias Becomes Life Threatening

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

The murder of four Americans in the Middle East last week highlighted more than just the government’s ineptness when it comes to foreign policy – it also showed how a media determined to cover for a president can endanger the lives of every day Americans.

Breitbart’s Ezra Dulis points out that no one was put in more danger last week than a filmmaker named Sam Bacile who is being blamed for producing the film Innocence of Muslims which some believe might have spurred the murderous riots in Libya and Cairo last week.  Instead of looking for answers to the many troubling questions surrounding last week’s events – such as whether or not the film had anything to do with the attacks or if they was an orchestrated by terrorists to mark the anniversity of Sept. 11 – the press is focusing on exposing the identity of Bacile and attacking GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for allegedly trying to make political hay out of the riots.

“Obama’s press corps has yet to ask the president one question about the week’s continuing violence,” Dulis writes. “Not one question asking whether the State Department considered posting extra security at Mideast embassies for the anniversary of 9/11. Not one question about his regular absence from daily intelligence briefings. Not one question about taking 16 hours to disavow a tone-deaf apology from the U.S.’s Cairo embassy.”

Why not? Because the incidents, and the president’s response to them, were unflattering to the president and the media will do anything necessary to protect him this close to an election – even if that means exposing the identity of Bacile and thereby endangering his life.

Reuters photographer Lucy Nicholson took photographs of the man’s home and his car, including his license plate number and closeups of possessions in the front seat, and they have been published by Yahoo News as of this writing. News agencies have further exposed the man’s criminal history and past financial issues,” Dulis writes.

By doing so, they have exposed Bacile and his family to grave danger, but this doesn’t seem to matter to the extremists who are currently in control of America’s newsrooms.

“All the questions, the hounding, the journalistic tenacity have been reserved for Mitt Romney — not a politician in control of anything but a candidate — and a private citizen who clearly did not intend to inspire any violence,” Dulis writes. “In fact, CBS and NPR reporters were caught on tape conspiring to ask difficult questions of Mr. Romney, who voluntarily took questions from reporters, whereas President Obama jetted off to Las Vegas to campaign without taking any questions.”

This is the same tactic the media used during the 2008 campaign when Sam “Joe” Wurzelbacher – aka “Joe the Plumber” – asked an embarrassing question of then candidate Barack Obama. The press immediately went into damage-control-mode and instead of asking the president to explain his economic redistribution plans more thoroughly, they spent all their time digging for dirt on Joe the Plumber.

But the example of Bacile is “a new, wretched low for the American press,” Dulis states. “Any news editor with common sense knows that publishing his personal information at this time, including photos of his house and cars, is placing him in danger. And to have gone ahead and published, it’s clear that they want just that. You can feel the seething anger in their reports, the lust for vengeance. In their twisted minds, he is the problem, not America’s weak leadership.”

Rather than show the flaws in Obama’s response to the crisis, his slowness to act, his failure to show up at national security briefings, his refusal to stop campaigning during the crisis, the media are endangering Bacile and trying to make Gov. Romney look like a fool for standing up for American interests abroad.

In spite of the rising criticism, the media continues their relentless dogging of Bacile and flogging of Romney. What matters most is not the truth, but the fact that both Bacile and Romney have made the president look bad.

And for that, Dulis, says, they are “the enemy.”

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4 Response to “When Media Bias Becomes Life Threatening

  1. thank goodness Dr. Tillers name was never revealed by Fox news, oh, but wait…”tiller, the baby killer” said by Bill O’.

    Media bias and killings are not a liberal media bias only.

    • A few important differences between the 2: 1: Bill O’Riley did not coin the name “Tiller the Baby Killer”, it was already “out there & everywhere”. He did not divulge personal identifying info – residence, car & license plate number, etc., nor thus expose any family members to any impending danger. 2: Bacile was not acting outside of our constitutional rights, nor in any way that caused direct harm to any individual or violated their inalienable right to life, liberty, or persuit of happiness, all of which Tiller did, making him a danger to our society, thus requiring very different response to his actions. Apples & oranges!

  2. As always Sue- FANTASTIC ARTICLE!!! Cannot wait to repost this article! Praying for mainstreem media to awaken from their stupor and actually cover what needs covering. We will also be praying for Baciles’ safety as well as his family. Thank you for being a voice for truth and matters that actually matter!