Reverse Discrimination Allegedly Rampant at DHS

A new federal discrimination lawsuit is accusing Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief Janet Napolitano of appointing close female friends into top positions, then allowing them to humiliate and torment male employees.

The New York Post is reporting that the suit was filed by James T. Hayes, Jr., a special agent in charge of New York City investigations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.He formerly served as director of ICE Detention and Removal Operations in Washington, DC and claims he was pushed out of his job in 2009 in order to make room for Dora Schriro, a less-qualified woman with whom the new chief had a “long-standing relationship.”

The suit does not state the nature of that relationship.

Also appointed in 2009 was another friend of the DHS chief, Suzanne Barr, who serves as chief of staff of the U.S. Immigation and Customs Enforcement.

When the two women were hired in January 2009, Hayes claims male staffers were “treated like lapdogs” and engaged in outrageous behavior. 

For instance, the suit claims Barr “moved the entire contents of the offices of three employees, including name plates, computers and telephones, to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters.”

Barr also stole a male staffer’s BlackBerry and sent messages to his female supervisor saying that he “had a crush on [her] and fantasized about her,” Hayes claims.

Barr was also known to use sexually humiliating language with male employees.

“Barr also created a frat-house type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees,” court papers say.

The suit also accuses Barr of promoting and rewarding any male employees who “played along with her sexually charged games.”

The DHS has not responded to the allegations.

Robin Campbell, a spokesman for the Department of Correction, denied claims that Schriro’s relationship with Napolitano had anything to do with her hiring.

“Commissioner Schriro’s selection and service at DHS was based on the merits,” Campbell said. “Any suggestion to the contrary is false.”

Hayes is seeking $335,000 in damages.

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