Parents Beware! McDonald’s “Happy Meal” Game Based on Sorcery

This blog is from a concerned parent who received a game based on sorcery that came with a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Notice the little girl’s response when she saw the game – evidence of how sensitive children are to spiritual matters!

JM writes: “Yesterday, 6th July, my 6 year old had a swim class.  She needs a lot of encouragement, so I promised her a Happy Meal from McDonalds.” We visit McDonalds 2 times a year on average. 

“Concentrating on driving, I didn’t notice right away anything wrong with the box, until my daughter mentioned the toy was evil.  Later, I discovered an advertisement for a new movie release called The Last Airbender. The toy is described as an Air Nomad:  ‘Appa is the only known living Sky Bison, a mystical creature from the Air Nation.  Appa helps Aang and his friends on their quest by flying them on his back.’  This is what the inlay card for the toy reads.

“On another side of the Happy Meal box, there is a game called ‘Master the Elements.,’ and it goes like this:

“Water:  Clasp your hands under water.  Raise them and squeeze tight to make water squirt from between your thumbs!

“Fire:  Grab two or more players and catch some fun!  Players toss a ball and a game leader says “water” to slow tossing down or “fire” to speed it up.  Whoever holds the ball when the leader says “air” is out.

“Earth:  Challenge a friend!  Count 1-2-3 then flash an element.  Earth beats Air, Air beats Water, and Water beats Earth!

“Air:  Loosely hold a straw then bounce it up and down to make it “bend”!

“I do not feel comfortable with this and forward this to you, to get it out there to other parents.  As I understand it, the movie is themed on a sorcerer, mastering all 4 elements.”

JM is correct. The Last Airbender is a movie (Paramount and Nickelodeon Pictures) based on a character who journeys to the North Pole to find a “Waterbending master” who teaches them the “secrets of the craft.”  As we can see, this “craft” is none other than Wicca/witchcraft by another name and teaches children to be comfortable with the occult. Making a game out of the movie takes it a step further and makes fooling around in the occult into a fun game. 

Kids don’t know any better, but we do. They should never be exposed to this stuff at any level.

Look at it this way – Satan is too clever to create a game/movie that teaches kids how to turn to him for help. Parents would never stand for that, right?

This is why he “inspires” movies like Airbender, Twilight, Harry Potter because it fools people into thinking it’s something other than what it is – pure evil.


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