Twilight Moms

IZ writes: “An office mate’s wife is a fanatic Twilight fan, having come home early from an out-of-state trip to wait in line for 5 hours with friends to watch the midnight premier of “Eclipse”.  I read your blog about the new movie and how groups have formed gathering like-minded weirdos who are interested in vampires, etc.  As my office mate jokingly refers to his wife’s fanaticism, stating she’s read each book multiple times as well as having seen all movies repeatedly, at what point would one question abnormal behavior (to me that is abnormal)?  Another office mate who is “Catholic” is a Harry Potter fan and I just don’t know how to contribute to the conversation without sounding like the bearer of bad news. Do you have any suggestions?”

I was able to find an interesting article that recently appeared on Mercatornet about this phenomenon – adult women becoming obsessed with the Twilight saga. It’s well worth the read for anyone who is experiencing the same problem with friends/family.

Twilight Moms and Perpetual Adolescence
This article, written by MercatorNet deputy editor Carolyn Moynihan, gives some insight into the possible psychological reasons why these grown women are getting so caught up in the film. She speculates about a variety of factors that might be causing it – disenchantment with life, an obsession with youth and a refusal to grow up, modern concepts of marriage that are more about personal fulfillment than raising a family, and a growing interest in the occult.

If anything, the article gives us some interesting points to interject the next time this subject comes up around the water cooler. With a little discretion and a lot of inspiration from the Holy Spirit, we could at least give our obsessed co-workers something to think about – such as what might be missing in their lives that makes them feel they need to get so involved in a teenager’s tale.

The other problem, which I am only too familiar with, is the fact that so many people are dabbling around in the occult (Harry Potter, et al) these days because it’s become so trendy and fashionable (a typical trick of Satan – he knows how to make evil look glamorous).

Unfortunately, most of these dabblers are novices about the spiritual realm and are easily fooled into thinking that this updated and more stylish image of the occult somehow makes it less dangerous. They couldn’t be more wrong! Consequently, while they merrily weave their spells and conjure spirits, few will even realize that problems in their marriage/family, sudden illnesses, accidents, etc. can, in many cases, be attributed to the foul spirits they are attracting to themselves when they open these doors.

The best thing we can do is pray for these people, then ask the Lord to guide us as far as how to help them. As you know, most people don’t want to be told so the best way is to give them enough information to help them make a truly informed decision – on their own – to stop fooling around in their occult.

Beyond that, we must leave them in the hands of the good Lord.

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