Victim of Horrendous Attack Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy

The miracle of life took center stage yesterday around 4:30 a.m. when the pregnant victim of a brutal attack by the father of the child gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a Detroit hospital.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the 22 year-old woman, whose name is not being released,  was nine months pregnant at the time of the attack on May 26. The incident occurred just after going to the movies with the baby’s father. Thinking the two were going to resume their relationship, she went back to his house where he lives with his mother, current girlfriend and a roommate.

However, when they pulled into the garage and got out of the car, someone attacked her from behind, put a gun to her head, bound her hands, eyes and mouth with duct tape, then drove her to an isolated location.

“The gunman gets out, opens the door and sprays lighter fluid on her,” said Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green said. “He then lit a match and threw it on her, and she caught on fire. She rolls out of the car and onto the ground and heard two gunshots. One of them hit her and she played dead until the guy left.”

Her attacker fled the scene on foot, leaving her on the ground behind the car. She rolled around on the ground to put out the flames. Somehow, she managed to break free from the duct tape and drive herself to a Detroit gas station where she called her mother to take her to a nearby hospital.

Within 24 hours, police had two men in custody, the father of the child and his roommate. The two were arraigned yesterday afternoon and charged with assault with intent to murder, conspiracy with intent to murder, and forceful imprisonment.

The reason for the attack appears to be the father’s unwillingness to have the child. The victm told police that at some point during the attack, the attacker asked how far along her pregnancy was, and then told her, “You know why this is happening.”

Green said they arrested the father’s roommate for the crime, but also charged the boyfriend because of his apparent participation in the attack plot.

“Although we’re told he saw her being abducted, the ex-boyfriend didn’t help her, he never called 911, he said he went to bed and went to sleep,” Green said.

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2 Response to “Victim of Horrendous Attack Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy

  1. This is a beautiful ending to an ugly tragedy. By the Grace of God she was free from that duct tape so that she could save her baby boy. What a beautiful story of survival for the sake of her child!

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