Take a Look at All These Water Scams!

AE writes: “What do you know about ionized water? I have a friend that told me about magnetized water and ionized water machines. They are expensive and some companies are scams. Do you believe that the ionized or magnetized water help to keep good health?”

I have bad news for your friends. ALL ionized and magnetized water machine products are scams.

There are so many of them out there it would be impossible to address them all in one blog. There’s structured water, magnetized water, energized water, oxygenated water, structured water, Kangen water, water clusters and even water awareness which is based on the preposterous notion that water is conscious and can respond to stimuli such as music, prayer, words, or emotions. And all of these products can be found on flashy websites that contain no indication of serious scientific testing, only the usual testimonials from people who swear the water cured their aching back or healed their cancer. Equally suspicious is the fact that none of these products or machines contain the required disclaimer that their claims are not supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For some idea of how extensive this problem is, click here for a list of water scams that was compiled by Stephen Lower, a retired professor of the Department of Chemistry from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

I hope you have a lot of time because this list is incredibly long!

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One Response to “Take a Look at All These Water Scams!

  1. Hi Johnnette. Amazing that I should find this article today and on the same day receive in the mail a card about your new online offerings. My family has a Kangen water ionizer machine. We purchased one a year and a half ago on the recommendations of friends, one of whom is a local Gynecologist. Several things struck me as I read the myriad of research by the scientist referred to. Kangen water originated in Japan over 37 years ago. IT IS CERTIFIED AS A MEDICAL DEVICE BY THE JAPANESE EQUIVELANT OF OUR FDA. A Harvard Dr., Horst Filtzer is on the medical board and is working on getting it approved by the FDA. Another Dr., Hiromi Shinya who developed the colonoscopy procedure and the removal of polyps highly endorses Kangen water. His book The Enzyme Factor is a groundbreaking resource. He practices at Beth Israel hospital in New York. There are many knock offs but Kangen water is the ‘real deal’. Too long to go into the different Ph levels it produces but the 2.5 acid water kills bacteria, viruses, and heals wounds faster.Dr. filtzer uses it in his wound care facility in Pheonix. We have seen it happen in our family. All the proof I need.