Georgetown Law Student is Actually a Hard-Core Feminist Activist

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

The travesty surrounding the testimony of a Georgetown law student who claims she’ll go broke if the government doesn’t mandate free birth control continues as a background check reveals she’s actually a reproductive rights activist who enrolled at the Catholic university with every intention of challenging it’s contraceptive-free insurance policy.

During an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show on Friday, it was revealed that Fluke is not the 23 year-old coed as previously reported, but is actually a 30 year-old woman who had quite a background in reproductive rights advocacy before enrolling at Georgetown.

For instance, Fluke earned a B.S. from Cornell in Policy Analysis & Management as well as Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2003.  While at Cornell, her activities were very much centered on far left feminist and gender equity issues. She also participated in rallies supporting abortion and protesting the Iraq war and actively tried to recruit other women’s rights advocates to the campus.

These activities didn’t stop when she entered Georgetown. In fact, According to the Washington Post, Fluke entered Georgetown Law fully aware that the school’s insurance plan did not cover contraception and spent the next three years lobbying the school to change its policy. While there she also served as past president of Georgetown’s Law Students for Reproductive Justice group and its Women’s Legal Alliance.

Fluke certainly has the right to become involved in any cause of her choice, but to present her to the American public as being representative of the average co-ed is nothing short of deliberate deception on the part of Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress who brought her to the Hill to testify in favor of the mandate.

With the help of a press corps who is only too willing to promote liberal causes, radical feminists in America managed to change the national discussion about abortion from the killing of the unborn into the more politically expedient “women’ rights” issue. And they are attempting to do it again by reframing the discussion about the HHS mandate into one about women’s reproductive rights rather than the infringement of a First Amendment right that Americans consider sacrosanct.

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7 Response to “Georgetown Law Student is Actually a Hard-Core Feminist Activist

  1. I only got to listen to part of the 2/29 radio broadcast. I just heard something about Harvard U. in regards to the gay agenda and something to the effect that whatever took place was a major step in programming the public to accept buggery “rights.” Is there a way I could listen to it again or can somebody elaborate on that for me?
    Also, I just wanted to let J. Bencovic know that I saw her at Fr. Richard Rego’s funeral Mass at St. Augustine’s cathedral and was sorry that I didn’t get to meet her.
    Thank you,

  2. Where are the american clergy on speaking out on this fake? Why hasn’t Georgetown suspended her from this ‘Catholic School’? The whole administration is a fake. Why hasn’t Pelosi been excommunicated? No wonder the Catholic Church is in trouble – the patients are running the asylum.

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