Mother Dolores at the Oscars

It was hard to miss the appearance of Mother Dolores Hart at the Oscars on Sunday evening – she was the only starlet on the red carpet wearing a nun’s habit!

The New York Post is reporting that Mother Dolores, 73, who starred in the Oscar-nominated HBO documentary, God Is Bigger Than Elvis, returned to the Oscars on Sunday 49 years after leaving Hollywood for the cloister.

“When the bleachers section called out to her, she put her fingers to the corners of her mouth and let out a huge whistle to the fans,” said a bystander to the Post. “No one could believe such a loud sound came from the reserved Mother.”

Hart left Hollywood in 1963 after starring in films with Elvis Presley, George Hamilton and others, but said she was being drawn to her future calling even while playing in those starring roles.

For instance, in an interview on Sunday just before the Oscar celebration, she said, “One of the things that Elvis and I did when we made ‘King Creole’ was we opened the Bible every afternoon before we went on set and we listened to the words of the Lord.”

When asked what Presley would think of her nomination, she replied, “I think he would be very happy.”

Her presence on the red carpet caused quite a stir. “It’s absolutely an extraordinary event,” she told the Associated Press in a voice that was barely audible above the screaming bleacher fans. “Believe me, this is very different than being in the monastery.”

Unfortunately, the documentary on Mother Dolores didn’t win.

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  1. Like Mother Teresa said – We are not called to success but in our trying.
    Thank you for sharing this, I cant wait to see the documentary.