Beware of Biased Polling on HHS Mandate!

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

The public needs to be warned that some of the polls circulating these days alleging majority support among Americans and Catholics for the HHS mandate are actually from left-leaning pollsters, while polls from neutral pollsters – which show much different results – are being dismissed by the media.

A case in point is the most widely touted poll, one conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), which found that most voters, including Catholics, actually support the mandate. According to Newbusters, what most newscasters are neglecting to tell the public is that the poll was commissioned by Planned Parenthood, an organization with a huge financial stake in increased contraception and abortifacient coverage.

Another salient fact being ignored by the media is the fact that PPP was founded and is still led by Democratic pollster Dean Debnam whose political contributions show a considerable Democratic bias.

When one takes out the bias from the polls, the results are often far different. For instance, PPP’s polling found 53 percent of Catholics in support of the mandate, but a poll conducted by Public Religion Research Institute found that almost the same number – 52 percent – opposed it.

Another poll, conducted by Rasmussen Reports, found that a majority of Americans are against the policy.

“Half of voters do not agree with the Obama administration’s action forcing Catholic institutions to pay for birth control measures that they morally oppose,” reports Rasmussen.

The poll found that only 39 percent of likely voters believe the government should require a church or religious organization to provide contraceptives for women even if it violates their deeply held beliefs. Fifty percent (50%) disagree and oppose such a requirement that runs contrary to strong beliefs, while 10 percent are undecided.

Another faulty but often cited poll is one by the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization founded by a former president of Planned Parenthood, which claims that 98 percent of Catholic women use contraception. As the U.S. Bishops point out, this poll “mangles the data” and misrepresents the poll, which actually says that 98 percent of “sexually experienced” women use birth control.

“The more relevant statistic is that the drugs and devices subject to this mandate (sterilization, hormonal prescription contraceptives and IUDs) are used by 69 percent of those women who are ‘sexually active’ and ‘do not want to become pregnant’,” the bishops report.

When these facts are considered, it becomes clear that the women who will benefit from the mandate represent a minority of the population, which hardly justifies forcing everyone to pay for their pills.

Whenever one is presented with a poll, either take the time to find out who conducted and/or commissioned it, or ignore it. Otherwise, you’re not being informed, you’re being manipulated.

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2 Response to “Beware of Biased Polling on HHS Mandate!

  1. Even if 100% of a poll agreed with the mandate, it still would not make it right. It violates freedom of religion and conscience protection. Besides the fact that contraception/sterilization/abortifations etc. are not preventive medicine and not a women’s right issue. Abortion kills babies. Paying for abortions through insurance does not change this fact – it makes us all complicit of this horror. I for one do not want to be forced to contribute to this, not through taxes, not through insurance.

  2. I am glad our Catholic leaders are standing up for the truth and speaking out about this mandate. I’m concerned though, why weren’t our Catholic leaders as adamant when Obamacare was forced through to become active? Were they unaware that this was a power grab to bring socialism to America? Do our Catholic leaders like socialism? If so, why? Note that on my website, I talk about our purpose as human beings is to be able to participate to our fullest potential in life in order to know, love, and serve (God) and neighbor. Socialism does not permit one to know, love, and serve God and neighbor to their fullest potential because it has a proven track record of burdening and oppressing people. I don’t understand why our Catholic leaders waited until now to protest. Can someone explain this? Here is my link on a short opinion of this on my website: