Parent Gives Strong Warning about “Wicked” book

In reponse to our blog outlining the dangers of the musical, Wicked, a concerned parent, has sent this strong warning about the book upon which the play is based:

In regards to your response to the question regarding the musical “Wicked”, there is much more to this than initially meets the eye. 

My daughter and I are both musicians and enjoyed the soundtrack to “Wicked” without having seen the play or having read the book.  Since the cost of attending the play was out of reach, I decided to read the book and then give it to my daughter if I found it appropriate.  

I personally could not even get through the first chapter of the book –  I found it disgusting, evil, and even pornographic. I felt physically ill and sullied by even the small amount I read.   I immediately threw the book in the trash so it would not fall into anyone else’s hands. 

I have since read the synopsis of the musical and the dangers of it pale in comparison to the book. The musical completely reworked the plot of the book, perhaps to make it more appealing to families.

There is a terrible danger to this which was borne out by a friend of mine.  She and I and our daughters were talking about musicals and her 8th grade daughter mentioned that she loved the book Wicked!  I told her how repelled I was by the book and that it was a very adult book. 

Her mother was taken aback and asked her daughter where she got it. She said that her dad bought it for her because she liked the music. They are not a divorced couple but the mom had no knowledge the daughter was reading this and the father had no clue what he had put into his daughter’s hands.

Please inform your readers that the book goes far and beyond the dangers of the musical!

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