What New Age Therapies Couldn’t Do, Catholic Prayer Did!

The following is a beautiful witness from one of our regular blog readers:

What can you tell me about Patrick Carnes? While I was in rehab for my sexual addiction, I went through his Recovery Start program, and currently have his 12 step workbook, which I don’t use anymore. Unfortunately, the inpatient facility I was at is heavily influenced by the new age, and unfortunately I did participate in a few of the new age therapies offered such as holotropic breathing with healing touch. I must say that I didn’t feel truly free until I prayed a novena to the Five Wounds of Jesus for a cure. The answer was that I found . . . a prayer book entitled The Holy Rosary for Purity of Body, Mind and Spirit; Praying for Healing from Sexual Sins. Thus I have acknowledged the demonic element of this addiction, and have cast out all evil spirits and officially denounced all of the new age therapies that I engaged in.”

Why am I not surprised that the New Age hooey proved to be useless compared to the real thing?

As for Patrick Carnes, he published the first major study of sexual addiction in 1991 and is well-respected in this field. His 12-step program, similar to the one used by AA, is in widespread use to combat this addiction. It’s important to note that spirituality is a strong component of 12-step programs and it is here that New Age belief systems can be incorporated by individual therapists and clinic directors. You may want to read up on some of the problems associated with 12 – step programs.

Dr. Carnes is currently the Executive Director of the Gentle Path program at Pine Grove Behavioral Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (see photo) where his Gentle Path treatment programs are in use. One of the most famous participants in this program was Tiger Woods who sought help after his marriage fell apart due to his chronic infidelity.

Pine Grove offers other activities such as group therapy, psychiatric consultation, behavioral therapy, trauma work, relapse prevention counseling, a ropes obstacle course, family care, exercise and fitness, shame reduction work, a spirituality group, yoga and a grief group. New Age beliefs can creep into several of these areas, such as through the yoga and exercise and fitness programs as well as their spirituality group.

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