Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

What wisdom Holy Mother Church has in dedicating the first day of the year to Mary, Mother of God! 1001738760

 Mary is the Mother of God and she is our mother, too. Her fiat is the genesis of every fiat given to God. And every fiat given to God is enriched by hers. The fathers of the Second Vatican Council state it simply, succinctly, and profoundly: she is our Mother in the order of grace.

This poem, written by Giovanni Domini (1356-142), expresses the maternal beatitude we find so dear. May it elevate our hearts in gratitude to God for the gift of the Blessed Virgin. And may it elevate our hearts to the reality of our salvation which comes through the gift of her Son, Jesus Christ Savior of the World.


That thou so often held Him in thine arms —

So often pressed his infant lips to thine

And in thy bosom warded off the harms

That came with flesh e’en to the Child Divine —

That thou couldst clothe Him, feel Him cheek to cheek

In dreams and waking, at thine ear hast known

His first lisped “Mother,” watched His soft hands seek

Thine aid with glances cast on thee alone —

That thou couldst know such countless ecstasies

Of love through that sweet hidden time of yore —

And yet thy heart held strong through all of these —

Shows thou wert mortal, — Mother, — yea, and more!

From the Italian by Thomas Walsh


(Might I suggest that in your time of prayer you ponder the last line of this poem. What might be the “more” to which the poet refers? If you are familiar with them, you might consider this in light of the Mariology of St. Louis de Montfort and St. Maximillian Kolbe.)



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