TRX Suspension Training Makes Yoga Look Like Toddler’s Play

RM writes: “Have your heard of TRX Training? It appears to be fine in that it apparently started with Navy seals. However, I was wondering if you had a better understanding of it’s inspirations, influences, and anything else important. If this training is okay, then the question becomes is it ok to be supporting a pilates studio by taking just TRX training there. (I saw your comment on tending to think it’s fine to belong to a gym – like a YMCA – and not participate in the questionable classes. However, is it likewise ok to take classes at a pilates studio – not a general gym – that offers TRX training? FYI it does not offer yoga.)” 

Yes, there really is something other than yoga and pilates that can help you build strength and acquire flexibility and balance – and the TRX Suspension Training (R) system is one of them.

There are absolutely no New Age roots in this exercise regimen. According to former Navy SEAL Stew Smith, it was invented by a fellow Navy SEAL who wanted to help his teammates exercise when deployed. The idea is now a multi-million dollar business that he describes as a “revolutionary fitness device that is the future of functional training for everyone, including military special ops, law enforcement, fire fighters and athletic performance training as well.” This is one of the best workouts you can get and the best thing about it is that it is not only portable, but it can be easily adapted to any fitness level. With one piece of equipment, a person can perform hundreds of different exercises.

As for taking a TRX training course in a pilates center, it’s unfortunate that this is the only place that offers it. You might “put a bug in the ear” of a few local fitness centers by casually walking in and asking if they offer TRX to their patrons. Perhaps you could convince a few friends from your class to do the same. Even if they aren’t doing so for spiritual purposes, they might do so just for the sake of trying to spread the word about TRX to see it become more available to the general public.

I have always believed that yoga will eventually disappear from U.S. gyms simply because a new fad will one day replace it. This is one sure avenue the faithful can pursue in their quest to put a stop to the yoga-craze that is leading so many Christians into Hinduism.

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