Europe’s Frightening New Diversity

The influx of a large number of Muslim immigrants in Scandinavia is turning the western idea of “multiculturism” upside down, turning schools into quasi-mosques, attacking homosexuals, and raping and robbing “infidels.”

In an article appearing on, Bruce Bawer, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center and the author of While Europe Slept and Surrender documents the shocking deterioration of life in the Norwegian city of Oslo due to the rapid influx of Muslim immigrants. 

Bawer’s article focuses on the neighborhood of Gronland, which was once a place of working class families known for its cultural diversity. Young people still flock to the area with its hip restaurants and cafes, setting up a culture clash between themselves and the growing number of Muslim families and businesses that have begun to overtake the area.  The opposing cultures are now reaching a tipping point with Muslims becoming more and more aggressive about how they want people in their neighborhood to behave.

For instance, the streets are being taken over by self-appointed Muslim moral police who demand that women wear hijab or burkas.

One young social worker who was eating dinner on his way home from work was confronted by two men who demanded to know why he was eating during Ramadan.

Same-sex couples are increasingly harassed on the streets, such as one couple in 2009 who were kicked and yelled at by a man who told them their kind wasn’t welcome in the neighborhood.

Fatima Tetouani, who moved to Oslo from Morocco in 2000 to live with her Norwegian husband, “expected a Western, open society” when they settled in Gronland.

“But Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco,” she told Aftenposten.  “I had never seen a burka before I came here.  And I had never experienced nasty looks if I ate or drank a cup of coffee during Ramadan.”

Her son was scheduled to attend a school where over 95 percent of the students were non-Norwegian speakers. “All the girls were covered.  I felt like I was in a mosque.  My son will not be bullied because he has a father who eats pork and is not circumcised,” she said, and refused to send her son to the school.

While working at a local day-care center, Tetouani overheard an Algerian mother chastize her son for playing with Norwegian children: “You know they eat pork and are going to hell!” 

But the situation gets much worse. While Oslo has been undergoing a wave of violent rapes, robberies in Grønland have been skyrocketing, Bawer reports.  One man, a musician named Sturla Nostvik, was jumped late one night on his way home from a show by two men who put a gun to his head and demanded his wallet and iPhone. They forced him into an underground passageway while repeatedly striking him and demanding, in a combination of bad Norwegian and bad English, to give them his pin codes. They threatened to kill him and his girlfriend if he went to police, then ran off to empty his bank accounts. Sturla was left blind in one eye as a result of the attack.

“This is a city which in living memory was one of the safest and most civilized urban centers on the planet.  Now all is changed, changed utterly,” Bawer writes.

The practice of dragging victims off the sidewalk while robbing or raping them is now commonplace, according to Oslo police. Sturla claims the police told him, “We have lost the city.”

The rash of violent rapes in the city sparked a recent torchlight rally and the formation of civilian patrols, but the crimes have continued.

“Norwegians, like so many other Western Europeans, are up against a veritable army of culturally alien men living in their midst who have no scruples when it comes to raping native women or robbing native men.  There is, after all, no crime – no shame – in attacking the infidel.”

The response of Norwegian authorities thus far has been to protect the very diversity that is slowing transforming their city into a Middle-Eastern style war zone.

As Bawer concludes: “Unfortunately for them, the ‘diversity’ to which they are so devoted involves seeking a modus vivendi with a brutal, inflexible ideology that has marked their own society, culture, and moral code for annihilation.”

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