His Blessed Mother

October 30

“God has fashioned and shaped only one enmity, and that an irreconcilable one, which will endure and even increase, until the end. It is that between the Virgin Mary and the Devil, between the children and servants of the Blessed Virgin and the children and accomplices of Satan; so that the most terrible of the enemies of Satan created by God is Mary, his Blessed Mother.”

-St. Louis de Montfort


Peace Circles

RM asks: “Can you tell me what you know and think about “Peace Circles”?  Everything I am finding looks to be a very feminist-based program (and not of the true feminism that John Paul II promoted).  When reading what I have found (by googling “peace circles”), some of it sounds on the “up and up”.  Who doesn’t want peace? But the program is being incorporated in my daughter’s high school French III class with no connection to French at all. We have met with the teacher and administration about our dislikes of the use of this in the classroom, and met head to head with much opposition. Every one of them lauded the use of Peace Circles. Our daughter has not been comfortable with the use of the peace circle especially because of the use of the lit candle, rain stick, rock and ‘talking piece’. Your insight into this matter is greatly appreciated.”

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TENS Machines are Safe to Use

(Image courtesy of Wikicommons, Yeza, CC BY-SA-4.0)

PW writes: “Could you please tell me if the Tens Machine is any way a New Age modality?  I have severe chronic pain, and it has been suggested that I use this, but I have felt instinctively that it is New Age and I thought I once saw you wrote or said something about this.”

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What you Need to Know Before Choosing a Hypnotherapist

The following case histories highlight the main reasons why consumers need to be very careful when choosing a hypnotherapist.

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