Can Practicing Karate be Considered Good Christian Family Time?

AP writes: “A friend of mine from work, Chris, is a practicing Catholic with 5 children.  Before marriage, he was even in the seminary.  He is very orthodox.  He also happens to have a number of black belts in all sorts of martial arts. I have two teenage daughters and and a 11 year old son.  I want them to be able to protect themselves, especially when they go off to college.  Last night, Chris came over and gave us family Karate lessons. I thought it was wonderful.  The stretching and exercising were great.  He talked about the Eucharist.  The only thing that was a little bizarre is that in Okinawan Karate, and I think other Karate, they bow when they enter the dojo. . .

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Pause for Prayer

August 25

“Pray the Rosary for children, and even more, with children, training them from their earliest years to experience this daily pause for prayer with the family, is admittedly not the solution to every problem, but it is a spiritual aid which should not be underestimated.”

-St. John Paul II, Rosarium Virginis Mariae

Sioux Falls Bishop Issues Guidelines on Gender Ideology in Education

The courageous bishop of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, Bishop Donald E. DeGrood, has issued a set of common-sense guidelines on gender ideology that conform to Church teaching rather than to popular opinion.

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Simple and teachable

August 23

“An intelligent mind is simple and teachable; it sees its faults and allows itself to be guided. A mind that is dull and narrow never sees its faults even when shown to them. It is always pleased with itself and never learns to do right.”

-St. Teresa of Avila