#TimesUP for Planned Parenthood Cover-up of Sex Abuse

                               Lila Rose, president of Live Action. (YouTube)

One of the nation’s largest and most aggressive pro-life organizations just released an explosive new investigative report and docuseries which reveals Planned Parenthood’s decades-long pattern of aiding child sex abusers by refusing to report their crimes.

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Irish Bishop: “Yes” Voters Should Go to Confession

Ireland’s Bishop Kevin Doran is telling his flock that those Catholics who voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment, which legalized abortion on demand, should consider going to confession.

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Mary, Our Blessed Mother

May 30

“God has fashioned and shaped only one enmity, and that an irreconcilable one, which will endure and even increase, until the end. It is that between the Virgin Mary and the Devil, between the children and servants of the Blessed Virgin and the children and accomplices of Satan; so that the most terrible of the enemies of Satan created by God is Mary, his Blessed Mother.”
-St. Louis de Montfort

Ireland Enters A New Dark Age

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Thanks to the deep pockets of the abortion industry and the national press that does their bidding, the Irish people voted on May 25 to allow legal abortion in their country and reacted to this new license to kill as if it was something to celebrate rather than what it really is – the ushering in of a new Dark Age for women and children.

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Homily From Nuptial Mass of Jack Williams & Johnnette Benkovic

On Friday, May 25, Women of Grace® founder Johnnette Benkovic and the General Manager of  EWTN Radio, Jack Williams, were united during a nuptial Mass at Espiritu Santo Catholic Church in Safety Harbor, Florida, in a ceremony that celebrated the sacredness of this sacrament as well as the love that brought the two of them to the foot of the Lord’s altar. Thanks to the generosity of Father Wade L. J. Menezes, CPM, who officiated at the Mass, the following is the homily he gave during this celebration.

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