Bishops Announce Day of Prayer for Racial Peace

4052942 - hands of black and white males clasped togetherIn light of recent incidents of violence and racial tension in communities across the United States, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has invited all dioceses across the country to unite in a Day of Prayer for Peace in Our Communities on September 9, the Feast of St. Peter Claver.

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Is Heaven Dropping Gold Dust & Glitter?

44231661 - gold glittering stars dust smoke trail. twinkling glitter.We have received a few questions concerning an alleged mystical phenomenon that occurs at charismatic prayer services and Masses in the form of flecks of sparkling glitter, gold dust, and even bubbles which some believe are manifestations of God’s grace. What is it, and is it really from God?

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Catholic School Principal: Why I Encourage Others To Join the Women of Grace Study Program

Joni Duos

Mrs. Joni Duos, Principal, Our Lady of Fatima School, Lafayette, LA

As a Catholic school Principal of 930 students, my life is very busy but I get to be part of an all girls catholic school and that’s an amazing thing. As a mother of two children and 4 grandchildren, my life is full of activity. As a wife, sister and daughter, my life is full of obligations. Time is scarce, energy is never enough and my rope of life seems to want to unravel quite often! Read the rest…