What is Women’s Intuition?

RS writes: “I am reading self-help books about personal safety.  The books stress the importance of intuition. Problem is, I had an intuition that the safety of my child was compromised but when I asked the (very young, not easy to converse with age) child they said nothing happened.  But what about what my intuition said?  I’m in such a worry.  Is intuition real?  Is it a God given thing?  Since we are not perfect and don’t know everything, how can my intuition or gut tell me things?  Where did the use of ‘mother’s intuition’ begin?  Is intuition new age?” 

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Prince Harry Under Fire for Promoting Illegal Drugs for Mental Health Use

The mental health community is reacting with alarm after Prince Harry debuted in a widely-watched livestream interview with trauma expert Dr Gabor Mate in which he claimed cannabis and an illegal psychedelic drug named ayahuasca helped him to deal with mental health issues after his mother’s death.

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What’s the Story on Pierre Tielhard de Chardin?

Wikicommons Images, Archives des jésuites de France (CC BY-SA 3.0)

LE writes: “There seems to be a resurgence of the life and philosophies of this man . What is going on?  Have the people forgotten his history. I wanted to look him up in your list under new age but I couldn’t find him. Could you put out an exposé’ on him?”

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