Scientists Warn About Dangers of Trendy Ayahuasca Tea

(Photo courtesy of Wikicommons Images, Awkipuma CC BY 3.0)

A large study of the popular psychedelic brew known as Ayahuasca tea has found that five out of ten users say that mental health issues caused by the drug stuck with them “for weeks or months” even though most say they consider this to part of the experience.

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The Princess and the Shaman

                                                                                                 Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise has announced that she will no longer officially represent the royal house due to her intentions to marry Durek Verrett, the American “Shaman to the Stars.”

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Peace Circles

RM asks: “Can you tell me what you know and think about “Peace Circles”?  Everything I am finding looks to be a very feminist-based program (and not of the true feminism that John Paul II promoted).  When reading what I have found (by googling “peace circles”), some of it sounds on the “up and up”.  Who doesn’t want peace? But the program is being incorporated in my daughter’s high school French III class with no connection to French at all. We have met with the teacher and administration about our dislikes of the use of this in the classroom, and met head to head with much opposition. Every one of them lauded the use of Peace Circles. Our daughter has not been comfortable with the use of the peace circle especially because of the use of the lit candle, rain stick, rock and ‘talking piece’. Your insight into this matter is greatly appreciated.”

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Human Composting: The Latest Eco-Friendly Burial Method

Bishops in California are raising objections to a new California law that will allow human remains to be composted and returned to the soil as a way of protecting the environment from the contaminants of embalming fluid and the carbon emissions from cremation. But this is just one of many new eco-friendly burial methods being offered today.

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Handfasting: Marriage Pagan Style

                                                                                                        Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

MJB writes: “Some Wiccan friends of mine were recently married in a ritual called handfasting. What exactly is this and is it Christian?”

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