Are Birthstones New Age?

                                                                      (Image by Bryce Edwards, cc-by-2.0, Wikimedia Commons)

MH writes: “I’m wondering if you would know if there is any new age connection to birthstones?  I’m from Ireland and wanted to get my niece a ring for her eighteenth birthday and she wants a birthstone ring. I’m not certain if there is any new age association. I would really appreciate it if you could answer this question.” 

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How Astrologers Sell Us the Stars

For the third time this year, the planet Mercury has gone into retrograde and once again, the internet astrologers are trying to outdo one another with dire warnings about how this cosmological event can wreak havoc on planet Earth. Too bad it’s nothing but hype to sell natal charts and good luck charms.

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What to Do About Those Email Prayer Chains

MI writes: “I don’t feel comfortable with this type of prayer request [that I received today]. ‘We are doing an Intercession of 1000 prayers for those people with cancer. Say the prayer and pass it to 10 people, Let me know if you cannot, so that we do not break this Intercession.’ Am I wrong? Isn’t it basically a chain letter. Would you participate? Looking forward to your thoughts!”

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Sprinkling Rice at Shrines: Is it Christian?

Photo by Darío Méndez on Unsplash

HL writes: “A parishioner at our parish has been noticing rice being scattered at our shrine of the Holy Innocents, in front of the statue of our patron saint, and on the hand rail leading to the rectory. I’m wondering if there’s any foul play involving occultic practices. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.”

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Can I Wear My Loved One’s Ashes in Jewelry?

Anonymous writes: “Someone I know recently told me that loved ones of hers passed away. The family had their ashes split up and placed in jewelry. How can I explain the Catholic view on this for future reference? How can I explain it particularly when it comes to our Catholic faith and relics.”

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Why Church Approval of Apparitions is So Important

It’s Advent, and while the faithful are pondering the mysteries of the First and Second Coming of the Lord, there’s a noticeable uptick in the number of alleged seers who claim to have an inside track on the Apocalypse. Here’s why Church approval of any private revelation is so critical in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from believing in falsehood.

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