Is Sound Bath Therapy New Age?

CA writes: “Here’s a question about sound bath meditation. It sounds relaxing, but I want to make sure it’s not New Age. I kind of think it is and so I’ve been afraid to attend. It’s held in an Episcopal Church, not a Catholic one. They use ‘Alchemy Crystal singing bowls with amazing healing powers.’”

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“Witch Bottles” Turning Up on Texas Coast

Witch bottles
(Photo courtesy of Wikicommons, Malcolm Lidbury, CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED)

Beach goers are reporting on a series of eerie finds that have been washing up along the Gulf coast of Texas recently – glass bottles containing strange objects that are supposedly used by witches to trap malevolent spirits.

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Can St. Agnes Find You a Husband?

KV writes: “Recently a fellow Catholic told me about a ritual on the Eve of St. Agnes – fast all day and then at night the fasting woman will dream of her future husband. This sounds strange and superstitious to me. I could not find information on this from a credible Catholic source. Have you heard anything about this?”

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