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Beware of New Age "Charmazing" Bracelets for Girls

charmzingWomen of Grace® look out for each other! Many thanks to a member who alerted us to the season's hottest New Age toy directed at children- the Charmazing bracelet-making kits for girls.

Described as the "perfect Design-It-Yourself jewelry craft line," these bracelets have an unabashedly New Age theme to them.

For instance, consider how the Charmazing website describes the jewelry tree girls can buy to display their bracelets and charms: "The Tree of Life represents your connection with Mother Earth, the roots of your Charmazing journey and where all the charms energize their Charm Powers!"

Girls are told they can "receive the positive energy you've put out into the Universe!" by creating a bracelet with charms such as the "lucky" collection which features Buddha, Lucky 7, and the Fatima hand. Or, girls can "receive the powerful energy of Mother Energy" by choosing to create bracelets with charms such as the "enchanted" collection which includes fairies and dragons. The "symbol" collection consists of the oriental symbol for words such as "love", "luck" and "harmony".

The product is aimed at tweens ages 8+ and offers more than 100 different charms in 11 themed collections. To keep the baubles selling, the site encourages girls to create a bunch of bracelets and wear them as a fashionable "stack-up" collection.

This may all sound harmless - because it's supposed to! What better way to desensitize young girls to New Age ideas such as the "energy" of the universe or to neopagan concepts such as Mother Earth than with innocent little bracelets? As they grow older, they won't think twice about calling upon these "energies" or relying on their "lucky" charms to help them with their troubles.

If your girls are clamoring for this trend, why not get them the real thing and let them collect charms for all of the special occasions in their life?

Just be careful not to get them an Alex and Ani bracelet - which might come with more than just a nice looking charm. As this article explains, "this company uses numerology to choose the most auspicious dates for store openings and occasionally employs shamans to bless its workplaces."

(I was just at a conference on the occult last weekend where two women told the crowd the Blessed Mother medals on their Alex and Ani bracelets kept falling off! Gee, I wonder why?)

The bottom line is that we ladies need to be discerning when choosing our baubles!