Be brave!

April 23

Feast of St. George, Martyr (280-303)

“As for Saint George, he was consumed with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Armed with the invincible standard of the cross, he did battle with an evil king and acquitted himself so well that, in vanquishing the king, he overcame the prince of all wicked spirits, and encouraged other soldiers of Christ to perform brave deeds in his cause.”
-From a homily of St. Peter Damien on St. George


Today’s Reflection

Could I be called “St. Georgette” today? In what way do I emulate St. George?

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Worldly Possessions

April 23

April 23

Feast of St. George, Martyr (? – 303?)


 “Saint George was a man who abandoned one army for another: he gave up the rank of tribune to enlist as a soldier for Christ … Clearly what he did serves to teach us a valuable lesson: if we are afraid to strip ourselves of worldly possessions, then we are unfit.”


                                               –St. Peter Damian on St. George Read the rest…