Who Me, Proud?

All human beings come into the world with a few pieces of standard equipment. There’s the built-in fan club, the professional spin-doctor, and the grievance counselor who specializes in taking our side. Should any of this equipment fail and a weakness or two be accidentally revealed, we have an uncanny ability to bury that fault beneath a glittering pile of exaggeration. Insults are automatically sent into our “calculate revenge” circuitry from which few escape unscathed. Where does this fabulous equipment come from?

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Overcoming Temptation

April 20

April 20

 “Ceasing to struggle because of our defects when there is opposition to a serious mistake can lead us to that form of pride called pusillanimity, lack of courage and strength to bear misfortune or undertake large enterprises.”

                                              –Francis Fernandez, In Conversation with God, Vol. 2

 For Reflection:

Am I being tempted in this way today? Regarding what? How can I overcome this temptation?

(Quote from Graceful Living)