Woman’s Botched Abortion Death is Why Ireland Needs Abortion Ban

Just as the country of Ireland is preparing to vote on repealing its’ abortion ban, an autopsy report on the senseless death of a 32-year-old Irish woman who died after a botched abortion in a UK clinic should give the nation a stark reality check about the so-called “safety” of today’s legal abortion clinics.

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Sign of Things to Come in the US? Budget Woes Force Rationing of “Women’s Reproductive Health” Services in the UK

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

While U.S. lawmakers argue over funding of “women’s reproductive health” services, cutting these services may one day be inevitable in a government-run health care system such as the UK’s, where recent budget constraints are forcing them to ration these – and many other services – in an effort to control costs.

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