Dolan Stuns DNC With Prayer For Life

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan seized the moment last night when he delivered a closing benediction at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last night that contained a bold exhortation for life and religious liberty, a prayer so pointed many media outlets actually cut off their coverage mid-prayer to avoid showing it to their viewers.

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Dems Boo and Jeer as DNC Adds God and Jerusalem Back into Platform

In an embarrassing moment on the floor of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) yesterday, party leaders conducted a vote to reinsert the name of God and language identifying Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and were met with loud boos and jeers when the motion was approved.

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Catholics Greet DNC With Calls for Religious Freedom

The Diocese of Charlotte is not about to miss an opportunity to evangelize conventioneers who will be attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week and have hung two giant banners proclaiming the sanctity of life, marriage and religious freedom in a key area of the city.

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