Not Impressed with “Holy Yoga”

The consciences of some people are pricked by the idea of engaging in the Hindu practice of yoga, which makes Christianizing the practice seem like the perfect fix. But a closer look reveals that attempts to Christianize a Hindu spiritual practice is nothing more than syncretism and many of today’s most popular versions – such as Brooke Boon’s Holy Yoga – are riddled with theological errors. The following note is from a reader who now sees the light.

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Christian Yoga is Syncretism

NOTE: This blog was reviewed and updated in May, 2020. 

SA writes: “I am in a dilemma…I have spoken personally to my Parish Priest about my concerns about [Christian] Yoga taking place now 3 times a week in our community hall. Some parishioners attend the yoga sessions. I have prayed for about 3 years to see yoga removed, to no avail… I personally know the dangers of Yoga, having practised it for about 3 years, but have renounced and confessed my taking part in yoga. Nobody seems to be bothered… Can you please give me some guidance, I do not know what to do now…”
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