Generous and Saving Effects of Prayer

January 31

Prayer is powerful! It fills the earth with mercy. The mercy and clemency obtained through the power of prayer will always produce its generous and saving effects in people.

                                                                        -St. Frances Cabrini Read the rest…

Dryness and Aridity

January 30

Dryness and aridity may be a trial sent from God. Bear it patiently. Remain humbly at his feet. Assure Him simply that you wish only what is pleasing to Him.

                                                            -St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier Read the rest…

Nourish Your Soul

January 29

Sometimes when I find myself spiritually in dryness so great that I cannot produce a single good thought, I recite very slowly an Our Father or a Hail Mary. These prayers alone console me. They nourish my soul.

                                                                        -St. Therese of Lisieux Read the rest…

Leaving Your Thoughts at the Door

January 28

Leave at the door of the place where you are going to converse with God all extraneous thoughts, saying, with St. Bernard, “O my thoughts, wait here. After prayer we shall speak about other matters.

                                                                        -St. Alphonsus Liguori Read the rest…

Rooted in Charity

January 27

“Mothers and sisters most dear to me in Christ: in the first place strive with all your power and zeal to be open.  With the help of God, try to receive such good counsel that, led solely by the love of God and an eagerness to save souls, you may fulfill your charge.  Only if the responsibilities committed to you are rooted in this twofold charity will they bear beneficial and saving fruit.”

-St. Angela Merici, Spiritual Testament Read the rest…

Delight in Him

January 25

Meditation is the mother of the love of God, and contemplation is the daughter of the love of God. Contemplation is nothing other than taking delight in the goodness of Him Whom we have learned to know in meditation, and Whom we have learned to love by means of this knowledge.

                                                                        -St. Francis de Sales Read the rest…


January 24

I want to go fishing sometimes. How? I will tell you. The most holy passion of Jesus is a sea of sorrows, but, at the same time, a sea of love. Pray to God that He teach you to fish in this sea. Then dive into its depths. No matter how deep you go, you will never reach bottom.

                                                            -St. Paul of the Cross Read the rest…

God and I

January 23

I began to live as if only God and I existed in the world. Sometimes I considered myself before Him as a miserable criminal at his judge’s feet, and at other times I regarded him in my heart as my Father, as my God.

                                    Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection Read the rest…