Gravely Ill Child Permitted to Receive Treatment in Italy

Tafida Raqeeb (family handout photo)

In a new case that could have resulted in another tragedy such as Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, a UK court has permitted a gravely ill five-year-old girl to be transported to Italy for treatment.

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World Rallies Around Alfie Evans

Kate James cradles her son Alfie Evans after his breathing tube was removed. (Photo posted by parents on social media.)

The world is rallying around tiny Alfie Evans as he continues to breathe on his own 40 hours after being removed from life support and his parents rush to appeal a lower court decision that is preventing the child from being flown to Italy for care.

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After Life Support Withdrawn, Alfie Evans Clings to Life

                                                  (Alfie’s Army – Facebook)

Even though doctors said he would die within minutes after being removed from life support, two-year-old Alfie Evans has been breathing on his own for more than 15 hours as his parents pursue a last-ditch effort to have him transferred to Italy.

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Pope Take Steps to Help Ailing Alfie Evans


Pope Francis met with the father of Alfie Evans, a two-year-old suffering from an undiagnosed neurological condition in a hospital seeking the removal of his life support, and has opened the door to allowing the child to be transferred to Bambino Gesu in Rome.

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