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AA Meetings

Abortion Doulas


Acupressure Toe Rings

Acupuncture (Lacks scientific backing)

Acupuncturists Who Channel Energy

Acupuncturists Want Coverage Under ObamaCare

Acupuncture (Doesn’t Help Infertility)

Adrian Dominican Sisters


Agenda 21

Agenda 21 (New Bill Incorporates Agenda 21)

The Alchemist (by Paulo Cielho)

Alexander Technique

Alternative Therapies (7 Reasons Why People Believe they Work)

Amber Teething Necklaces

Amen, Dr. Daniel

Anam Cara (Life Coaching)

Angels in My Hair (Lorna Byrne)

Angels (The Gift)

Angels (More New Age Angel Garbage)


Anne, the Lay Apostle

Anthroposophy and Waldorf

Applied Kinesiology

Aristolochia Acid

Arnica Montana

Astral Travel


Astrology (What can a Natal Chart Tell You About Yourself?)

Astrologers Predict Obama Win

Athletic Company Sells “chi” to Customers

Auras and Kirlian Photography

Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing vs. Christian Locutions


Ayurvedic Medicine

Bach Flower Remedies


Bakugan – Bakugan, Star Wars and the Occult

Bar Method (New Age-Free workout)

Barrett, Stephen

Belly Dancing – Is Belly Dancing New Age?

Belly Dancing – Belly Dancer Weighs In

Beth Moore Scripture Studies


Binaural Beats

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)


Bio-Meridian Testing

Bio-Meridian Scanners

Black Magic (Suspected in Bizarre Outbreak in Trinidad School)

Black Star

Body Piercing – Tatoos and Body Piercing

Body Scan Meditation


Bowen Therapy

Brain Gym (Minds in Motion)


Brown, Rebecca M.D. (He Came to Set the Captives Free)

Buddha Statues (Can Catholics Display in Home?)

Buddhism (Can a Christian practice?)


Buteyko Breathing Technique

Byron Katie

Campbell, Steven (Making Your Mind Magnificent)

Cameron, Julia

Cancer Care Centers

Catholic Contemplative Tradition

Centering Prayer (vs. Authentic Christian Contemplation)

Centering Prayer (and John Michael Talbot)

Centering Prayer (St. Teresa of Avila and The Cloud of Unknowing)

Centering Prayer (Dangers of Teaching to Children)

Chakra Therapy

Chi (No Scientific Proof of God or chi – what’s the difference?)

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chi Kung

Chi Machines


Chiropractics (Does Vatican Consider to be New Age?)

Chiropractics (Risks of Neck Cracking)

Chittister, Sister Joan

Christian Science

Christian Writers Who Mix Eastern and Western Philosophies

Christianized Socialism – The Gamaliel Foundation

CieAura – Holograhic Chips


Charm Bracelets

Christian Therapists (What to do When Christian Therapists Display Yin Yang Symbols and Zen Gardens)

Communion of Saints (and the New Age)

Compass Therapy

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Understanding the Difference)

Conscious AutoSuggestion

Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch and Conversations with God

Covey, Stephen (“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”)

Cranial Osteopathy

Craniosacral Therapy


Crystal Balls (vs. Garden Gazing Balls)

Cult Leader Charged with Rape

Cult – Could you be Swept Into a Cult?

Curse of King Tut (was a colossal myth)

Curses (Part 1)

Curses (Part 2)

Cursillo Movement

Daniel Diet

Day of the Dead

DeMello Anthony, S.J. – The Questionable Opinions of Anthony DeMello, S.J.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Discerning Spiritual Techniques and Therapies

Diversity (How Diversity and Consumerism is Fueling the New Age)

Dismantling “The Shack”

Dog Whisperer

Dougherty, Ned (and Near Death Experiences)


Dowsing (Water-Witching)

Dowsing with a Rosary

Dragon Jewelry


Dreams (when they become obsessive)

Dry Needling

Druidry (UK recognizes as religion)

Drumming Circles

EAV Meridian Assessment

Dr. Emoto (Water Awareness)

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Earth Charter

Ear Candling

Earth Hour

Earth Worship (Is the UN Leading Us Into?)

Eclipse (New Twilight Movie) See also Twilight

Eden, Donna

Edward, John (Catholic Psychic Says Afterworld is Bipartisan)

Egoscue Method

Eker, T. Harv

ElectroDermal Screening

Emile Coue

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine vs. Laying on of Hands

Energy Pendant (Woman Reports Bizarre Side Effects While Wearing)

Energy Force (Why Can’t we Refer to God as an Energy force?)


Enneagram (US Bishops 2000 Draft Document Condemning Enneagram)

Enneagram (in parishes)

Essential Oils

Evil Eye

Eye of Medusa bracelet


Fallon, Sally (Westin Price Foundation)

False Gods (Worshiping by practicing yoga, reflexology, pilates)

False Prophets

False Teachers

Falun Gong/Falun Dafa

Family Constellation Therapy

Fantasy (Difference between Christian and Occult-based)

Feldenkrais Method

Feng Shui

Five Agreements

Flame Meditation

Former New Ager Breaks Free

Gaia – Worshiping at the Temple of Gaia


Gamaliel Foundation

Gestalt Therapy


More About Ghosts

Ghost Sightings

Global Information Network

“God Calling” is occultic

Goddess – Who is Sophia?

Goddess – Worshiping at the Temple of Gaia

Goddess – UN Opens with Prayer to Mayan Goddess

Goodnighties (so-called “miraculous pajamas”)

Graphology (vs. handwriting analysis)

Green Cross

Gregorian Chant

Guided Imagery and Visualization


Hamsa Hand


Handwriting Analysis vs. Graphology

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Fans Decimate Indian Owl Population

Harry Potter Strikes Again

Hawn, Goldie (Pushing TM in Public Schools)

Hay,  Louise

Hazeldon (Thoughts for the Day)

HCG Weight Loss Products

Healers (New Age)

Healing Techniques (New Age – Church teaching on)


Herbal Magic

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines (safety precautions)

Herbs (and Vitamins)

Hicks, Jerry and Esther (Law of Attraction)

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Holistic Healthcare

Holographic Chips


Homeopathy vs. Natural Remedies

Homeopathy (Why is it New Age?)

Homeopathic Overdose Campaign (Proves Homeopathy Drugs are Worthless)

Homeopathic Weight Loss Products (FDA Warnings)

Hospitals and New Age

Hot Stone Massage

House of God’s Light Prayer Groups

How to help loved ones out of the New Age

Human Potential Movement – Secret Scrolls (Rhonda Byrne)

Human Potential Movement-Synchronicity

Human Potential Movement – Home Enlightenment Program

Human Potential Movement – Landmark

Human Potential Movement – Silva Mind Control

Human Potential Movement – What’s Wrong with the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”?

Human Potential Movement – New Age Seminar Blamed for Woman’s Death

Hypnosis – Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing

Hypnosis – Can Catholics Use Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis – (Exotic Dancers Trained to Use on Clients)

Hypnosis – (Mass Hypnosis Event Goes Awry)

Hpnotherapy (Can Catholics Use?)

Hypnotherapists (What You Need to Know Before Choosing)

Hypnotist (Was Hypnotist/Principal Responsible for Student’s Death?)


Intuitives (Medical – Carolyn Myss)

iRenew Bands


iWater/Intelligent Water

Jabez, Prayer of

Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

Jesus and Mary Cult

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jobs, Steve (What Role Did Alternatives Play in Death?)

Jobs, Steve (New Book Reveals Use of Psychics, Acupuncture, Bowel Cleansings to Cure Cancer)

Kabat-Zinn, Jon (Using Buddhist Meditation Techniques)

Kabbalah (The Governor and the Kabbalah Bracelet)

Kama Sutra

Kane Chronicles

Kangen Water

Karate – Kyokushin Karate

Karate Kid


Kelly, Matthew

Kenpo (Karate)

Kimbaleh Necklaces


Kirlian Photography

Kneemiller, Fr. Bill (warns Catholics away from Eastern Meditation)

Krav Maga

Kundalini (Awakening)

Labyrinth – Should you walk a labyrinth?

Labyrinth – Ragas and Labyrinths at a Bible Study

Lalaloopsy Dolls (vs. Voodoo Dolls)


Landmark, Dangers of

Language of Light (Shekina Rose)

Law of Attraction

Levitation (Is Children’s Levitation Game of the Occult?)

Life Coaching

Life Coaching – Anam Cara

Light Therapy (Dream Analysis Cult)

Lions Clubs

Lightning Thief

Little Rock Scripture Study

Long Island Medium (TLC show)


Magick –  Wicked Magic

Magick – Magic Kits for Children

Magic: The Gathering

Magic Tree House

Magic Tree House and Yoga in Schools

Magnet Therapy

Main, John (Meditation Techniques)


Manquehue Apostolic Movement

Marian Movement of Priests

Martial Arts – Kyokushin Karate

Martial Arts – Karate and Martial Arts

Mary Poppins

Masonry & Ancestral Sins

Massage Therapy (Field Riddled with Quackery)

Massage Therapy & NAET

Maximized Living Chiropractics

Maximized Living (Mother’s Frightening Testimony)

McKenna, Paul

Meditation (Eastern vs. Christian)

Mental Schizophrenia (and Psychic Disturbances)

Metaphor Training

Migun Jade Thermal Massage Beds

Mind Blanking and Mental Prayer are Not Synonimous

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation vs. the Sacrament of the Present Moment

Minds in Motion (Brain Gym)

Mind-Blanking Exercises (Dangerous for Children)

Missa Gaia

Millman, Dan

Morse, Melvin (New Age New Death Guru Arrested for Child Abuse)

Most Holy Family Monastery

Moving Meditation

Muscle Testing (see also Applied Kinesiology)

Music (New Age and Satanic)

Myss, Carolyn

NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Therapy)

Native American Spirituality (Controversy surrounding Tucson blessing)

Naturopath (Anitra Javanmardi) on Trial for Woman’s Death


Native American Spirituality – Inside the Sweat Lodge of James Ray

Near Death Experiences – Toddler Describes Near Death Experience

Near Death Experiences – Ned Dougherty and Near Death Experiences

Necromancy (Catholic Psychic Says Afterworld is Bipartisan)

Necromancy (Long Island Medium Glorifying Necromancy)

Negative/Positive Energies (do people give off?)

Nemeh, Dr. Issam

NeoCatechumenal Way


Neti Pots (Nasal Irrigation)


Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NIT)

New Age Definition

New Age Mission Creep (How to Get it Out of Hospitals)

New Age “Navel Gazing”

New Age Rosaries

New Age Therapists

New Age (Hope for Those With Loved Ones in New Age)

New Cosmology

Nightingale, Earl (The Strangest Secret)



Occult (Link to Mental Illness)

Occult (What it is, How it Manifests, and Who’s Behind it)

Occult – Bakugan, Star Wars and the Occult

Occult- Ritual Sacrifice of Children on Rise in Uganda

Occult – Mary Poppins

Occult Objects Kimbaleh Necklaces and New Age/Occult Objects

Occult Psychologists

Occult New Age and Politics

Okabashi Sandals & Reflexology

Okinawan Karate

Osteen, Joel

Oz, Dr. Mehmet (ties to Reiki and Swedenborgianism)

Oz, Dr. Mehmet (Mass Hypnosis)

Ouija Boards (Boycott Hasbro’s Pink Ouija Board for Girls)

Ouija Boards (Worst Cases of Demonic Possession Connected to Use of Ouija Boards)

P90X Exercise System (Contains Yoga and Kenpo)

Paranomal State (tv show)

Peace Circles

Peace Symbol

Personality and Temperament Assessment Tests

Pets (Can They be Possessed by Demons?)

Phony Guru Gets 10 Years for Rape


Pilates (problems with)

Pilates (Woman Loses Breast Implant During Pilates Move)

Pilates (How are Pilates Related to Yoga?)

Placebo, Power of


Polarity Therapy


Powell, Fr. John, S.J.

Power Balance Bands

Power Balance Bands (Ordered to Retract Spurious Claims)

Prayer Blankets

Psychic Octopus?

Psychic Sees Deceased Daughter

Psychics Facing Increased Regulation

Psychic Disturbances (and Mental Schizophrenia)

Psychic Night (at Catholic College)

Psychics (Can They Really Solve Crimes?)

Psychic Convicted of Conning Women into Sex

Psychic Surgery

Qi Gong

Quantum Jumping

Quantum Neurology




Ramtha (Followers Wanted for Murder)

Ray, James (Sweat Lodge Deaths)

Ray, James (Convicted on 3 Counts of Murder)

Ray, James (Sentenced to 4 Years)


Redwall Series



Reincarnation (Assumption is an Antidote to Reincarnation)

Relics (when veneration can become superstitious)



Repressed Memory Therapy

Resting in the Spirit

Reumofan Supplements (FDA warning)

Robbins, Tony (self-help guru)

Robbins, Tony (FireWalking Event Leads to Burned Feet)


Rohr, Richard Fr.

Rolheiser, Fr. Ron

Rosary of Liberation

Rose, Shekina

Rupp, Sr. Joyce

Russ, Helen

Salt Inhalation Therapy

Satan (Know Your Enemy!)

Satan (described by Exorcist)

Satanic Messages Hidden in Rock Music

Satanic Rock Band (Ghost Tour)

Satanic Video Games

Satanists (Jailed for Murder of Teens)

Scalar Energy Products

Scalar Energy Pendant (Woman Reports Bizarre Side Effects While Wearing)

Science of Spirituality (and Dr. Zaslove)

Science and the Church

Scientology – Defectors Describe Abuse at Church of Scientology

Scientology – Death of Alexander Jentzsch and Breakup of Cruise/Holmes marriage

SCIO Machines

Secret Scrolls

The Shack

The Shack – New Book Dismantles “The Shack”

The Shack – Shack Author Embroiled in Lawsuit/Writing Screenplay

Shamanism (Is it Compatible with Christianity?)

Shawl Ministry

Siberry, Jane

Silva Mind Control

Silva Mind Control (Man Dies After Trying to Cure Himself)

Singh, Dr. Mohan

Singing Bowls

Skylanders: Playing with Magic

Small Faith Communities



Solfeggio Tones

Somatics (Align)

Somatic Exercises


Sorcery (McDonald’s Happy Meals Game Based on Sorcery)

Soul Ties

Spiritual Divorce Coaches


St. Matthews Churches Scam

Star Wars – Bakugan, Star Wars and the Occult

String dolls (charm-sized voodoo dolls)

Sunship Earth

Supplements (overviewl)

Supplements (using supplements that have “spiritual powers”)

Supplements (12 Most Dangerous Supplements on the Market)

T-Tapp (Yoga Free Exercise)

Tae Bo

Tai Chi

Taiji Quan


Tao (Receiving the Tao)

Tarot Cards

Tatoos and Body Piercing

Tatoos (Occult Themed Tatoos Must be Removed or Sealed)

Tea Tree Oil

Tellington Touch

TENS Machines are Safe to Use

Theophostic Prayer

Therapies (New Age Therapies That Require Religious Conversion)

Therapists (New Age)

Thought Control, Christian vs. New Age

Tinctures – Are Tinctures New Age?

Tomatis Therapy

Tong Ren

Toward the Gleam

Traditional Chinese Medicines (Toxic Ingredients)

Transcrancial Magnetic Stimulation

Trudeau, Kevin

TRX Suspension Training (Yoga-free workout)

Turning Point (New Age Seminar Blamed for Woman’s Death)

Twelve Step Programs


Twilight (Experts Concerned about Teen “Biting” Craze)

Twilight (Concern Grows over Seizures at Movie)

Twilight Moms

Universal Medicine

Valdaris, Fr. John (Cancer Care Centers)

Vampire Arrests

Vampire Stabbing

Vitamins (and Herbs)

Vitamin Safety (Two New Studies)

Voodoo (Thriving in Miami)

Voodoo Dolls (vs. Lalaloopsy dolls)

Waldorf (Anthroposophy and Waldorf)

Waldorf Dolls

Walsch, Neale Donald (Conversations with God)

Water Witching ( See Dowsing)

Water Awareness/Dr. Emoto

Water Scams

Westin Price Foundation

Water, Why Alkalizing and Ionizing Water is Useless


Wiccans (Protection Against)

Wiccans (Evangelical Wiccans on the Rise)

Willow Tree Sculptures

Wind Chimes

Winter Solstice

Witch’s Ball

Witchcraft Linked to Child Abuse in Nigeria

Witchcraft Viewed Unfavorably by Most Americans

Wizards and Witches (Loved Ones Involved in Neopaganism)

World of Warcraft Video Game

World of Warcraft (Aurora Shooter Obsessed with Game)

Worry Dolls

YMCA (Non-Christian Fitness Programs)

Yoga Sex Scandals

Yoga Related Injuries

Yoga – Will Make You a Better Hindu

Yoga – Study: Conventional Stretching Just as Effective as Yoga

Yoga – U.S. Catholic Magazine endorses yoga

Yoga – Yoga/New Age Exercises

Yoga – Alternatives to Yoga

Yoga – Is it just exercise? (Yoga Instructors Say It’s Spiritual Exercise)

Yoga – Yogi Claims He Hasn’t Eaten in 70 Years

Yoga – “Christian Yoga” is Syncretism

Yoga – Yoga Free workouts for Christians

Yoga – Home Enlightenment Program

Yoga – National Yoga Machine Sells “Spirituality of Style”

Yoga – Superbrain Yoga

Yoga – Yoga on Wii

Yoga – Is it a stretch or yoga?

Yoga – More “Christian” Yoga

Yoga – Resources (aids to those fighting Yoga in parishes and/or schools)

Yoga – Hindu’s Launch “Take Back Yoga” Campaign

Yoga – Looking For Church Teaching on Yoga?

Yoga – Kundalini Awakening

Yoga – Laughter Yoga

Yoga – Reader Shares Great NO YOGA Exercise Program

Yoga – Trying to Separate the Physical from the Spiritual Aspects for Profit’s Sake

Yoga – Priest Claims Jesus was Greatest Yogi

Yoga – What You Should Know About the OM Chant

Yoga – Vatican Exorcist Calls Yoga Satanic

Yoga – You can Stretch that Aching Back Without Yoga

Yoga – Holy Yoga


Zaslove, Dr.


Zion Full Salvation Ministry (Cult)

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