Occult-Themed Tattoos Must be Removed or “Sealed”

AG asks: “I have a question about my tattoos. When I was heavily involved with the occult I got a heart shaped peace sign, an ankh with angel wings, and a phoenix tattoo. They all meant something when I got them, but when I came back to the Church I have been trying to find a way to link them with things I believe in and the church believes. Unfortunately lazer removal and coverup jobs are way out of my budget to do. I am wondering what I should do. What would you suggest?”

Because of the seriousness of occult activity and particularly the use of occult symbols for these tattoos, I referred this question to our spiritual advisor, Father Edmund Sylvia C.S.C.

The optimal solution to this problem would be complete removal of the tattoos. But if that can’t be done, you must do your best to cover them as much as possible because these symbols could be a source of scandal to others.

Assuming that you have performed the necessary confession and formal renunciation of your involvements in the occult, Father recommends that you also seek deliverance prayers and the formal renunciation and breaking of all covenants. This is very important “to prevent harassment and serious spiritual attack,” he says. “As part of deliverance prayers, there should also be a ‘sealing’ of these tattoos, much like the formal closing of ‘portals'” (which are doorways to the occult/spirits).

Priests affiliated with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal are usually trained in these areas. Check to see if a Charismatic prayer group meets at a parish near you and contact a member of the group. They will be happy to help you find a priest.

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