Watching the Hollywood Medium for Kicks

BC writes: “My friend and I get a real kick out of Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium, and love watching his show. We’re both Catholic and know what he’s doing is against Scripture, but we only watch it for entertainment. Is it okay to do this as long as we don’t endorse this kind of work?”

No, it’s not okay, and your watching this show is a tacit endorsement of the “work” that Henry does – which is consort with evil spirits who are masquerading as the dead. No matter how pretty a face Hollywood puts on it – and Hollywood is very good at depicting the occult arts as a form of harmless entertainment – it is what is – consorting with the devil.

For those who have never heard of Henry, he is a young medium from California who has acquired celebrity status through his television show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, which is broadcast worldwide on E! According to his website, his career in mediumship started at the age of 10 when he received what he calls “intuitive mental images” about his grandmother’s impending death. He began to cultivate this “gift” by reading his classmates. Gradually, word spread around town that he was a medium. By the time he reached his teens, he was already thinking about making his “gift” into a career.

Eventually, Hollywood stars from nearby Los Angeles heard about him and began to request readings. It wasn’t long before he was appearing on the vapid Keeping up with the Kardashians. A year later, in 2016, he had his own show and is now reading stars such as Chris Jenner, Margaret Cho and Lil John. He helps them with everything from finding true love to reconnecting with lost pets.

Henry gained quite a bit of notoriety when he allegedly predicted the death of actor/comedian Alan Thicke – who passed away from heart problems on December 13, 2016. Months before his death, Henry claimed that Thicke’s deceased family members told him that heart troubles would arise and that he should take care of his heart. Seven months later, Thicke died. Everyone believed Henry had predicted his death but, as Showbiz Cheatsheet points out, Henry never really predicted anyone’s death, just said that heart trouble, “blood pressure issues” would arise in the family. He only said that deceased relatives “acknowledged passing in a bit of a similar sense.”

Henry has also been accused of using hot and cold reading techniques which many celebrity TV mediums use to dupe audiences into believing they have psychic abilities. As I explain in my book, the Learn to Discern Compendium, cold reading relies on assumptions made by assessing people’s looks, age, body language, and how they’re dressed. Hot reading is done by a celebrity medium’s staff who researches the people expected to be in the audience during a particular show and uses this information to inform the medium about what to predict.

Regardless of whether or not Henry is using trickery, real mediumship always relies on the cooperation between a person and demonic entities. Even the most fundamental understanding of the powers of Satan can explain how effortlessly he acquires information about people which he feeds into the all-too-willing ears of a medium. Because so few people take the time to properly educate themselves about the devil and his powers, they fall right into the trap.

The bottom line is that yes, mediums do have special powers, and those powers come from demons. No one who truly understands this would even think to make a celebrity out of a medium.

Sadly, the media has become an accomplice in the devil’s trickery by trivializing the occult into a form of entertainment rather than what it really is – a manifestation of evil.

My advice to you and your friend? Change the channel.

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