Testimony: Alternatives Are Often the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

We received this feedback from a recent Women of Grace® “Wacky Wednesday” radio show during which we discussed The Healing Code and other pseudoscientific alternatives. This listener was generous enough to share the hard lesson she learned from dabbling in alternatives:

JD writes: “Thank you, Johnnette and Sue, for discussing “The Healing Code” on Women of Grace radio. I was one of those gullible ones. My good friend, who says she is a Christian, suggested that I read the book and practice “the codes.” Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing; the only reason I agreed to it is because Dr. Loyd calls himself a minister. I thought that the exercises would help with anxiety. First of all, the quiz that you take in the beginning made me look like a really bad person. That alone should have tipped me off. Secondly, after I got into it for a couple weeks, the Holy Spirit told me, “this is not of God.” When I started having nightmares and came down with a major eye infection, the book went into the trash and the quiz results were shredded. When it comes to anxiety, there is no substitute for exercise, adoration, and “Jesus, I trust in you.” I really enjoy your program and look forward to Wacky Wednesdays. Thank you, and God bless.”

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