Last Abortion Clinic in MO Gets Two More Weeks

A Circuit Court judge in St. Louis has given Planned Parenthood permission to continue performing abortions in the last clinic in the state in spite of the fact that safety concerns are preventing the clinic’s license from being renewed.

According to Catholic World Report (CWR), Judge Michael F. Stelzer granted a preliminary injunction on Monday which will allow the state’s only clinic to remain open until June 21.

“The judge said June 10 the authority to grant or deny the clinic’s license rests with the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services, and that the clinic is entitled to a decision on its status one way or another,” CWR reports. “He did not rule on the merits of the case, but issued a ruling that he said “merely maintains the status quo” until the appropriate authority – i.e. the DHSS – can make a final decision on the abortion facility’s status.”

The license was set to expire on May 31 but Judge Stelzer granted a restraining order after throwing out subpoenas for five doctors who were refusing to be interviewed by the state. The Judge ruled that this demand posed an “undue burden.”

However, the state has cited a long list of medical violations in its case against the clinic, including the sterilization and storing of equipment. The clinic has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous in America for the number of times women have had to be rushed to local hospitals after receiving abortions at the facility.

This is not the first time Planned Parenthood ran afoul of Missouri state safety regulations. A clinic in Columbia was closed in January of this year after an unannounced inspection found numerous violations such as rusty aspiration machines with tubes full of bloody bodily fluid and black mold. The report ruled that the clinic failed to provide a sanity environment for patients which resulted in the cessation of abortion services.

Contrary to what is being reported by Planned Parenthood and their allies in the mainstream media, these clinics aren’t being closed by “anti-abortion fanatics” who just want to stop all abortions – they’re being closed for the health and safety of the women who come there expecting to receive proper medical care but are instead being subjected to sub-standard care.

As of today, the court has ordered Missouri’s health department to make a decision on whether or not to renew Planned Parenthood’s license “without undue delay but no later than June 21.”

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