Pope to Politicians: Defend Life!

Speaking to leaders of Italy’s prolife movement on the eve of the country’s 41st National Day for Life on Sunday, Pope Francis made a special appeal to politicians to respect unborn human life for what it is – the future of our race.

The pope’s strong condemnation of abortion, coming at the end of a volatile week in American politics after two U.S. governors shocked the nation with support for radical abortion bills that amounted to legalizing infanticide, could not have come at a better time.

According to Vatican News, the pope was speaking to the Board of Directors of Italy’s Pro-Life Movement on Saturday when he said: “I take this opportunity to appeal to all politicians, regardless of their faith convictions, to treat the defense of the lives of those who are about to be born and enter into society as the cornerstone of the common good.”

A newborn child brings “newness, future, and life” to society, he said. To voluntarily extinguish life in its blossoming, “is, in every case, a betrayal of our vocation, as well as of the pact that binds generations together, which allows us to look forward with hope.”

He continued: “Their killing in huge numbers, with the endorsement of States, is a serious problem that undermines the foundations of the construction of justice, compromising the proper solution of any other human and social issue,” he said, because “those who have been conceived are children of the whole of society.”

Life is a gift from God, he said, a gift for which none of us can take sole credit.

“When life itself is violated at its emergence, what remains is no longer the grateful and enchanted welcome of a gift, but a cold calculation of what we have and what we can use. Then even life is reduced to a one-time-use consumer good.”

He also included the protection of every aspect of human life in his remarks.

“Taking care of life requires that attention be paid to living conditions: health, education, and job opportunities. In short, it includes everything that allows a person to live in dignity.”

All people, not just politicians, should be involved in defending life at every level of society because “Where there is life, there is hope!”

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