To Understand and Love Them

November 8
“We must keep near to the souls God puts in our way, and try to understand and love them. Here we have discovered, by God’s grace, the sources of peace and the means of possessing it fully.”
 -Elizabeth Leseur

Today’s Reflection:    
Who is one soul near to me whom I can “try to understand and love”? How can I “reframe” my perspective to see this individual as an instrument of God meant to lead me to true peace and virtue?
(Hint: Perhaps a family member with whom we are called to exercise patience or a co-worker with whom we are called to exercise kindness and gentleness…)

We invite you to share in a Novena of Masses offered throughout the month of November.

Please visit our website to include the names of your deceased loved ones that you would like remembered during our November Novena of Masses.

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