June 17 is National Day of Prayer for Marriage

by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

(June 10, 2008) Concerned Women for American (CWA) is calling for a national day of prayer and fasting on June 17 – the day same-sex couples in California can legally “marry” – to plead for God’s intervention in all attempts to redefine the institution of marriage in America. 

“The decision by the California court on same-sex marriage is an affront to God and His plan for marriage and family,” said Wendy Wright, President of CWA. “It will cause long-term problems and risks for families, churches, agencies that work with children, and many others – leading to more lawsuits and damaged lives.”

The decision of the four California Supreme Court judges who issued the May 15th opinion in favor of same-sex “marriage” have refused a request to delay implementation of the order until the citizens of California are permitted to vote on the matter on November 4. Their refusal to wait opens a six month window of opportunity for same sex residents – and non-residents – to marry. This means that same-sex couples can come to California from all over the United States, “marry”, then return home and attack their state’s marriage laws, thus causing a flood of legal chaos across the nation that will further undermine marriage.

This flood is already spilling over into other states. New York’s Democratic Governor David Paterson has ordered all New York state agencies to recognize same-sex “marriages” performed in other states or countries.

The good news is that people of faith are fighting back. For instance, it was the work of faithful citizens, pro-life and pro-family groups that managed to secure enough signatures to get a marriage amendment on the ballot in California in November.

Some county clerks who do not believe in same-sex marriage are also choosing to fight back. For instance, the county clerk in Kern County, California, has refused to go along with the Supreme Court’s decision and announced that her office will perform no civil marriages at all rather than face discrimination charges for refusing to perform same-sex marriages.

The faithful are also taking action on the legal front. The Alliance Defense Fund, a legal alliance dedicated to protecting religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and the family, has already filed a lawsuit in New York challenging Governor Patterson’s directive.

But the most important thing we can do is solicit the help of God. In 2 Chronicles 7:14, He tells us, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

This is why CWA is inviting the faithful from across the country to join in the national day of prayer and fasting. Participants are being asked to pray for:


• Judges who will honor their oaths and the written state and federal Constitutions.


• This fall’s referendum in California which will overturn the unjust Supreme Court decision by amending the state’s Constitution.


• A renewal of faith in our nation; that we Americans will experience a new Great Awakening; that our nation will return to the Biblical values on which she was founded.


• Believers to be bold in speaking out in defense of marriage.


• Many hearts, especially the hearts of persons facing same-sex attractions, to be open to God’s healing power and grace.


“While many will be working to protect the true definition and meaning of marriage, our first action must be to pray for God to intervene,” Wright said. “Please join us in prayer and fasting on June 17.”

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